Ohio judge reverses court order forcing hospital to treat Covid patient with ivermectin

A judge in Ohio has overturned a court order that required a local hospital treat a Covid-19 victim with the anti-parasitic drug, ivermectin.
Judge Michael Oster from Butler County issued an order Monday that supported West Chester Hospital. He cited a lack evidence that the drug could be used in small doses to protect humans from external parasites like headlice and larger doses to animals such as cows and horses.

Jeffrey Smith was admitted to intensive medical care on July 15. Since 1 August, he has been on a ventilator.

On Thursday, Julie Smith, her wife, testified at a hearing that neither she nor his husband had been vaccinated against Covid-19.

She said that they didn't feel certain [the vaccine] was safe enough.

Smith's condition was rapidly deteriorating and his wife reached Fred Wagshul (a physician who founded the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance), a non-profit that promotes ivermectin for preventative treatments.

Osters orders state that Wagshul, a West Chester Hospital physician without medical privileges, prescribed 21 days worth of medication to Jeffrey Smith.

Julie Smith requested that the hospital refuse to give the medication. Smith filed a lawsuit to get the hospital to give her husband ivermectin.

Gregory Howard, a judge in Butler County, ordered Smith to receive 30mg of Ivermectin every day for three weeks.

Howard's order was nullified by Osters.

He wrote that judges are not nurses or doctors. We use gavels and not needles, vaccines or other medicines.

He said, "This court isn't determining whether ivermectin can ever be used as a treatment of Covid-19."

Based on the evidence, however, it has not been shown to be effective at the juncture. After reviewing all the evidence in this case, it is clear that both the scientific and medical communities are against the use of ivermectin for Covid-19 treatment.

Ivermectin has been widely promoted. However, in July, a significant study that supported Ivermectin as a Covid treatment was pulled due to ethical concerns.

The federal Food and Drug Administration has warned against the use of animal-strength forms if ivermectin is being used to treat Covid-19.

It is extremely dangerous to take large amounts of this drug.