Russian Space Chief Invites Elon Musk to His House

"I have already turned the teakettle on heat."
Tea Time

Dmitry Rogozin is the director-general at Roscosmos Russian state space corporation. He would love to spend some time with the space billionaires.

According to CNN, this was his first interview with Western media since he became Roscosmos chief. He also extended an invitation to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk in a rare interview.

According to CNN, Rogozin invited Musk into his home to meet him and to discuss topics such as exploration of the universe and extraterrestrial life and how space can be used to protect life on Earth.

He said that he had already turned the heat on the teakettle.



Ominous Invitation

This is a sudden, whiplash-inducing shift in tone. Russia has actively tried to distance itself from international communities, cutting ties and burning bridges.

Rogozin has also fought with NASA and SpaceX on numerous occasions in the past few years, with each side taking pot shots at the other.

Is it possible that the director-general has had a change in heart? CNN's interview suggests that this is the case. Rogozin took the time to express his admiration for Musk.

Mr. Elon Musk is aware of many ideas and thoughts we had, but were unable to achieve them after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Rogozin explained to CNN that our space program was halted for a while. As an inventor and organizer of the space industry, we respect him. He isn't afraid to take risks.




Rogozin gave a rare interview to Western media last month and also took to Twitter to send his somewhat ominous invitation for Musk. Come! He wrote, "We are waiting for your arrival."

Musk is the one who has the ball. It is unknown if Musk will accept the invitation to tea at his Russian home. Musk has not been as open-minded and has not yet publicly responded to the invitation.

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