This Obscene Motorhome Includes a Slide Out Garage for a $3 Million Bugatti Chiron

Volkner, an RV manufacturer based in Germany has unveiled its most outrageous creation yet: a luxury motorhome that consumes $7.7M and can store a $3M Bugatti Chiron. It boasts three times as much horsepower than the RV it hauls.

Volkner and other luxury RV manufacturers, like the CES-exclusive TVs that cost a fortune every year, use the Dsseldorf Caravan Salon trade show to showcase luxurious homes with wheels that are more practical than their price. Volkner's Performance S motorhome was unveiled at this year's show. While it isn't the biggest RV ever made, it is without doubt the most extravagant way to go glamping in style.

Performance Ss' standout feature is its built-in garage underneath that can hold larger power toys such as ATVs, jet skis, and motorcycles. This feature was actually developed by the company years ago and makes traveling with a separate vehicle easier as there is no need to tow the motorhome behind. It is also long enough to make it difficult to navigate roads. Volkner added $3 million to the RV's base price of $2.4 million by making the sliding garage large enough for a Bugatti Chiron, a 430-horsepower Bugatti Chiron. Although it is not the best vehicle for camping, anyone who pays this much money to purchase a motorhome will likely not be able to use the country's many national parks.

The Performance S's garage is not the only feature that breaks the bank. There are two spacious master bedrooms with raised islands and a full-sized bath with separate showers. All of this is made possible by a slide-out extension that can be added to one side. The Performance S is powered by a battery bank that can be recharged with a gas generator or a 2,000-watt solar array. You can also upgrade the Performance S with an espresso machine that retracts into your kitchen counter, a wine cellar, or even a dedicated office workspace so you can extend your adventures.

Why stop there? You might be okay with some noise pollution if the idea of your RV generating ridiculous levels of pollution due to its added weight (4,000+ pounds). Volkner will also upgrade Performance S with a Burmester sound system worth $350,000+ that is completely tailored to the RV's unique shape and size. The Performance S will be available with all these options. It is hard to believe that anyone who has enough money to buy a motorhome for $7 million would choose a motorhome to live in over a luxury hotel. But Volkner continues to produce new models every year.