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AI is everywhere in tech. You can bet that it will be a major topic at TechCrunch 2021, September 21-23. It is the driving force behind almost everything, from rockets, robots and customer services to deep science and self-driving vehicles. It is even changing the game in dystopian fiction writing.
Disrupt 2021, like all Disrupts, will feature boundary-pushing visionaries as well as peerless experts. More than 80 interviews were conducted, and panel discussions, events, and breakout sessions were held. This spotlight was centered on sessions related AI and robotics.

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These are just a few of the robotics and AI presentations that we have available. The Disrupt 2021 agenda lists the exact dates and times.

With Real AI, a Fictional Future is Possible

AI 2041 is a groundbreaking collection of stories that imagine a future built on the technology we have today. It features a leading voice in AI investment and research, as well as a pioneer in AI research. Hear Kai Fu Lee, Sinovation Ventures Chairman & CEO, and Chen Qiufan (AKA Stanley Chan), discuss the technology that inspired their book, as well as the changes they anticipate over the next 20 years.

Drones, self-driving cars and everything in between

Pete Buttigieg was a small-town mayor from Indiana when he first appeared on the national scene. In 2020, he was elected as the Democratic party's presidential candidate. Under the Biden administration, he is now Secretary of Transportation and oversees everything related to public transport and autonomous vehicle regulation. In this fireside chat, Secretary Buttigiegs discusses micromobility, future cities, drone delivery and autonomous vehicles.

Newspace Lunar Trajectory:

Rocket Lab has expanded its ambitions to go beyond building a global launch company and designing its own spacecraft, and even visiting the Moon. Peter Beck, founder and CEO of Rocket Lab, will discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for his rapidly-growing tech and space company.

Demo Derby: How startups disrupt the status quo through innovative data analytics, AI, and modern app development

Startups must move quickly and allocate limited resources to areas that can be differentiated. This fast-paced session will allow you to learn from Google Cloud experts such as Dave Elliott, the developer advocacy lead, AI, how Google technologies can be used to better serve customers and go to market faster. You will see in a series short demonstrations how Google experts and startups have used Google compute and storage, networking, and AI technologies to challenge the status quo. This presentation is by Google Cloud.

Humanizing AI: How Brands are Redefining Customer Experience in an Increasingly Digital World

The greatest threat to a business's growth is its empathy deficit. But there are solutions. Brands can create empathy by using humanized AI to offer unique interactions with digital people. What is empathy? How can empathy help brands and storytellers connect better with their audience in a cookie-less environment? Greg Cross, co-founder of Soul Machines and CBO, explains how AI can be just what your brand needs to gain a competitive edge. This presentation was made by Soul Machines.

The New Human and Planetary Health Pioneers

Mammoth Biosciences was founded by Trevor Martin and Jennifer Doudna, Nobel Laureate. It is the first CRISPR platform company in the industry. It has already produced a groundbreaking Covid test and has formed partnerships with top healthcare companies to develop novel CRISPR diagnostics, therapies, and biomanufacturing methods. Matias Muchnick founded NotCo. He combines artificial intelligence with deep science to re-invent food. NotCo started with a milk substitute product, with many more to follow. Learn about the founder journey of these successful companies, and get tips for scaling your company. Mayfield.

Do You Want to Start a Space Business?

Space is evolving faster than ever before, thanks to new technologies and lower launch prices. This has led to a new era in innovation and democratization of space access. Although there are many opportunities to create the next great business, space can be difficult and challenging for newcomers to the field. For entrepreneurs who want to launch their business, this session will provide practical advice and insight from space experts.

Korea Pavilion Pitch Session

The 13 Korean pioneering companies are highlighted. Their innovative approach will enrich our lives. These companies are experts in a variety of technologies, including Green Tech and AR/VR, 3D Displays, AI & Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Green Tech. You don't want to miss this chance to see the ingenuity of the technology powerhouse. Presented by KOTRA.

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