DigitalOcean enhances serverless capabilities with Nimbella acquisition – TechCrunch

Serverless solutions are becoming more popular as developers seek to make software creation easier. They allow them to write code and not worry about the infrastructure that will run their applications. DigitalOcean today announced that it has acquired Nimbella, a serverless startup. The terms of the deal were not disclosed by the companies.
Nimbella is a platform that allows the company to build serverless applications. It is built on Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestration platform.

Yancey Spill, DigitalOcean CEO, describes Nimbellas capabilities as Function as a service. He said that serverless capabilities take a lot of the infrastructure burden off of developers and businesses. We absorb this. He explained that we allow our customers more flexibility around the tools which reduces their burdens and makes them go faster.

Anshu Agarwal, CEO of Nimbella, explained that this means that they provide a set of tools for building serverless applications and connecting to other DigitalOcean services. Agarwal explained that the capabilities we will add to DigitalOcean's portfolio are a quick solution and a function of a service solution. It also integrates with other DigitalOcean services, such as managed databases, storage, and other services. This makes it easier for developers to create full applications that address events but are totally stateless.

Spruill stated that this was not the company's first venture into serverless. It began offering its first serverless tooling last year, but the company wanted to improve on it and Nimbella was the right choice.

DigitalOcean, a cloud infrastructure as a service and platform as a service provider, is aimed at individuals developers, startups, and small businesses. DigitalOceans revenue of $318 million in 2020 was only a fraction of $129 billion cloud market. However, it is proof of how there is still money to make even with a small share.

Although the companies didn't discuss the terms of their deal, the number and title of those involved, or the title Agarwal would hold when the deal was closed, it is planned to integrate Nimbella into DigitalOcean's portfolio and make it a DigitalOcean product sometime in the first half next year.