Rumor: Apple Has No Immediate Plans for a Satellite iPhone

The rumours that the iPhone 13 would enable users to text and phone even when they don't have cell coverage, by connecting to satellites, caused quite a stir last Wednesday, especially since Apple's fall unveil event is just around the corner. Another rumor claims that the iPhone 13 will allow users to text and call even when they don't have cell coverage. This means you should not get your wallet out just yet.

Bloomberg reported Sunday that Apple does not plan to make a satellite iPhone, either now or next year. The outlet claims that Apple's hardware is not ready for calling and texting with no cell coverage. It would be very expensive, and it could cause anger among the mobile carriers with whom the company has a partnership.

Apple is working on satellite features, even though there is currently no satellite iPhone. Bloomberg reports that these features were designed to be used in emergency situations. These scenarios would allow the phone to connect to satellite networks, allowing users to send text messages to first responders and report an accident such as a crash of a plane or sinking ship.

Although it doesn't sound quite as cool as calling and texting anyone, anywhere, they are still extremely useful! It would make me feel much more comfortable going hiking in the mountains, which I have done before but ended up with some cows.

These emergency satellite features are not expected to appear in the iPhone 13, which is due for release later this month. Bloomberg reports that while the hardware needed to support these features may be integrated into the iPhone this year by Bloomberg, the actual features won't go live until 2022. These features will not be available in all countries, but only in a few.

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According to other Apple rumors you might not be able get the Apple Watch Series 7 immediately. According to the outlet, the Series 7 will feature 41- and 45-millimeter screen sizes and a flat design. However, some models will ship in smaller quantities than others.

Although we don't have a date yet for the September Apple event (or any other Apple event), it could happen as soon as this week.