This is the reason why we must clear our mind of Netflix and TikTok content according to the founder of Telegram

September 6, 2021, 2 minutes read
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What percentage of your time are you spending on Netflix and TikTok? Pvel Drov, the founder of Telegram, said that it was unfortunate that people don't want to be exposed to real-life events that can change the world but instead with Netflix series and random TikTok videos.

Drov starts a post by talking about how our mind is the most powerful tool we have. He then explains how numerous studies show that the brain can solve problems even while we're asleep.

The developer's hypothesis is that we won't be able solve real-life problems if we watch Netflix or TikTok videos. Our minds will instead be focused on solving problems that aren't there.

Our brain will respond to real-life data, which can solve fundamental problems. However, many people choose to feed their minds with TikTok or Netflix videos. Our brain can't distinguish reality from fiction, so digital entertainment keeps our subconscious minds busy creating solutions to problems that don't exist.

As simple as quitting

Drov says that if we want to create and sell products, we need to get rid of the sticky sludge filled with irrelevant content.

Image: Captured via Durov's Channel on Telegram

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