Best Wi-Fi 6 routers 2021

Wi-Fi 6 routers that are the best get us closer towards multi-gigabit home 5G speeds. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), which is now available, promises Wi-Fi speeds of up to 2.4Gbps per device. This will provide better coverage and a better user experience. These routers also come with excellent software, including parental controls to simplify your life. Smartphones and laptops are adopting the new Wi-Fi standard. Now is the time to buy one of the top Wi-Fi 6 routers available. Which are the top Wi-Fi routers? The TP-Link Archer AX90 router is a great choice for gamers looking for a stable and fast connection, or for those who just need consistent coverage. OneMesh allows for expansion and HomeShield protects your connection. With a large capacity, the AX6600 connection can support dozens of devices. The Linksys MAXSTREAM Mesh Router is the second best choice. This is for those who may not need a mesh solution now, but will want to grow their network in the future. Mesh routers combine multiple "nodes", increasing signal quality and speed throughout larger homes. The ASUS RTX86U is the perfect choice if you are looking for the best hardware and the best software. This router is the best choice for Android gaming, as it prioritizes gaming for mobile devices. This router is highly recommended by GeForce Now for game streaming.
1. 1.TP-Link Archer AX90 Wi-Fi 6 router best overall Starting at $144 on Amazon HomeCare QoS ensures devices are connected to the highest band and eight antennas provide sufficient coverage for most homes. Maximum speeds: AX6600, 4804Mbps + 1201Mbps @ 5Ghz WI-Fi 6, and 574Mbps at 2.4GHz

AX6600, 4804Mbps+ 1201Mbps @ 5Ghz WI-Fi 6, and 574Mbps@2.4GHz Top features are: Triband, 4x gigabit Ethernet Ports, 1x 2.5Gbps Ethernet Port WAN/LAN Ethernet Port, 2x USB ports. OneMesh support, HomeCare Software included. Pros: Triband Wi-Fi 6 connection

Speedy AX6600 speeds

OneMesh covers more areas

Security, parental controls and QoS Cons are all included in the free HomeCare plan.

160MHz mode uses DFS This router has AX6600 speeds and a tri-band Wi Fi 6 setup. Every band is Wi-Fi 6, unlike other tri-band WIFI 6 routers. Thanks to the 160MHz channel, speeds drop to 4804Mbps in one 5GHz band. The other 5GHz band delivers steady speeds of 1201Mbps. With 574Mbps, the coverage in the 2.4GHz band is impressive. There are three gigabit LAN ports on the back, along with another gigabit WAN/LAN port. You can also connect your router to a fast network using the 2.5Gbps WAN/LAN port. You can use the eight antennas to cover a large area of your home. However, you can add more coverage by purchasing a compatible extender from TP-LInk OneMesh. Although dual-band routers can deliver speeds similar to this router's, they won't be able to withstand difficult conditions like densely populated apartments or homes with lots of interference. Instead, the AX90 connects to your device using the fastest band possible, keeping your network running smoothly. With its HomeCare package, TP-Link is also gaining ground in the software area. You will be able to view reports and keep up-to-date on network activity, as well as enhanced security scanning for connected devices. HomeCare has advanced parental controls that allow for you to block certain content types. HomeCare's QoS ensures that the devices most in need of it get enough speed to avoid buffering, even when there is a lot of traffic.

TP Link - Archer AX90 AX6600 Tri Band Wi-Fi 6-Router Best Overall The TP Link Archer AX90 router is a tri-band Wi Fi 6 router that offers great speed and excellent HomeCare software. Amazon: Starting at $144

Best Buy: $289

Source: Linksys

Best Wi-Fi router for easy expansion $100 at Amazon. Bottom line: Linksys combines performance, size and value with its new MR7350 Mesh router. This is a great Wi-Fi 6 router that can be used alone or in a network. Maximum speeds: 1201Mbps @ 5Ghz and 574Mbps at 2.4Ghz.

: 1201Mbps @ 5.Ghz, 574Mbps@ 2.4Ghz. Top features: Dual band, 1,700 sq. ft. coverage. Mesh-capable. 4x Ethernet ports. 1x USB ports. Low profile.

Low profile

It's affordable

It's super easy to set up

Alexa compatibility: Wi-Fi 6 speeds are slower than the competition Linksys just unveiled its budget entry to Wi-Fi 6 with MR7350. This dual-band router has speeds of up to AX1800. Dual-band connections deliver speeds up to 574Mbps at 2.5GHz and 1,201Mbps on 5GHz. There are four Ethernet ports at the back and a USB 3.0 port. WPA 3 security is included. It covers up to 1,700 sq. feet by itself, but it can also be used with any Linksys Velop mesh routers and even an additional MR7350 for greater coverage. This is a great way for your network to grow according to your needs, or if there are areas that have weak signals. The black housing houses two antennas at the back. The Linksys App makes it easy to set up, with remote access. You can also set up parental controls. If you have any questions, you will have 24/7 access to Linksys support. Alexa allows you to control Wi-Fi access, making it simple to keep control over who is online.

Source: Asus

3. Asus RTX86U Best Wi Fi 6 router for gaming $250 at Best Buy. Bottom line: The Asus RTX86U is a great option for gamers looking for a great router experience. As long as you have enough space (it's big), the router will work well. Maximum speeds: 4804Mbps @ 5.GHz, 861Mbps at 2.4GHz

4804Mbps @ 5Ghz and 861Mbps at 2.4Ghz. Top features: Dual-band coverage for large homes, 2.5G/LAN port, dual USB 3.0 ports. Pros: A great price for a gaming router

Form factor of upright

NVIDIA GeForce now-recommended

AiProtection is included

AiMesh support Pros: The RT-AX86U is large in size. However, Asus has managed to pack a lot of features into the small and affectionately called RT-AX86U. The dual-band connection to the 5GHz channel at 160MHz gives it speeds of AX5700. You can also get up to 861Mbps at the 2.4GHz frequency, which is great for homes with lots of interference. For your internet connection, you can choose between a gigabit or 2.5G WAN port. You can use the 2.5G port to LAN for a high speed NAS or fast PC if your internet connection is slower than gigabit. There are four Ethernet ports available for gamers in addition to the 2.5G port. GeForce Now recommends this router for excellent game streaming. Mobile game mode optimizes your connection to ensure low latency to mobile devices. You can prioritize game traffic with ease using the setup app for your mobile device. Other great Asus perks are still available, including AiMesh support that allows you to connect to multiple Asus routers and increase your network coverage with a single WiFi name. AiProtection Pro, which provides antivirus protection through Trend Micro and advanced parental controls, is included in the product's lifetime.

Asus RTX86U Gaming Router The best Wi-Fi 6 Router on a Budget. The Asus RTX86U gaming router is a fast AX5700 dual band gaming router with a 2.5G WAN connection and great software. $250 on Best Buy

B&H $280

Source: Netgear

4. Netgear Nighthawk RAX70 Wi-Fi 6 router best for large families $300 Amazon. Bottom line: The Nighthawk RAX70 offers plenty of speed at AX6600 and supports a lot of devices with tri-band Wi Fi and 160MHz support. The Nighthawk software backs the RAX70, so it should provide more than enough performance without any sweat. Top speeds: Tri-band AX6600 at 4.8Gbps +1.2Gbps @ 5Ghz and 0.6Gbps@ 2.4Ghz

: Tri-band AX6600 4.8Gbps +1.2Gbps @ 5Ghz and 0.6Gbps@ 2.4Ghz. Top features: 4x Ethernet port, 1x USB 3.0 Port, Link Aggregation to WAN/LAN, QoS By Application Pros: Tri-band Wi Fi 6 with 160MHz support

Modern design at a manageable size

There are many connectivity options

Nighthawk software is amazing

Netgear Smart Parental controls Cons: Less efficient than others for this price

No 2.5G Ethernet

Netgear, a high-end brand, was a pioneer in Wi-Fi 6, thanks to its balanced specs and modern design. This trend continues with the Nighthawk, which offers great speeds and a wide range of options to suit most homes. The Nighthawk has faster options, but the RAX70 is a much faster option at AX6600. It features tri-band capabilities and a 160MHz broad 5GHz channel that allows for high speeds with supported devices. This setup is great for most people. Netgear places its antennas in two wings, one on each side of the router body. Although this arrangement is not ideal for vertically mounted networks, it will provide sufficient coverage for large homes. There are four Ethernet ports available for devices at the back. Two of these can be used to link aggregate. If you require more speed, one of the LAN ports can be combined with the WAN port to provide link aggregation. Although a 2.5G port would be nice, this will not be an issue for many years. Netgear's software is simple. The Nighthawk app allows for most adjustments, while the PC or browser can provide more precise control. If you need additional security software for your router's software, a Netgear Armor subscription can be purchased. Netgear also supports Smart Parental Controls which provides a smooth and robust experience in scheduling and filtering. These controls work even when your child is connected to another network, such as LTE. The RAX70's extended wings bring the router's width to 13.66 inches and its height to 6.57 inches. Netgear's spaceship-like design continues with the RAX70. It should still provide excellent coverage even in large homes, thanks to the three antennas that are in each wing. This router is very well balanced and should be suitable for most people.

Netgear Nighthawk RX70 Wi-Fi 6 router best suited for large families The Nighthawk RX70 is Netgear's Wi Fi 6 leader with a fast, tri-band solution that offers many features and plenty of options for everyone. Amazon: $300

Best Buy: $350

$300 at Newegg

Source: TP Link

5. TP Link Archer AX1500 AX10 Best Wi-Fi 6 Router Under $100 Amazon Bottom Line: The TP Link Archer AX1500 will support your devices with Wi-Fi 6 but you don't have to spend too much or need the extra speed Wi-Fi 6 provides. Maximum speeds: 1200Mbps @ 5.GHz, 300Mbps at 2.4Ghz

: 1200Mbps @ 5.Ghz, 300Mbps at 2.4Ghz. Top features: Dual band, Low power consumption, 4x Ethernet ports and low profile Pros : Amazing price for Wi-Fi 6.

Slim design

Alexa compatibility

Basic parental controls include WPA 3 security.

Slow speeds of 2.4Ghz

TP-Link's entry-level Wi Fi 6 routers are not for people with larger homes. The Archer AX1500 delivers speeds of up to 1201Mbps at 5.GHz and 300Mbps at 2.5GHz. Although the speeds are not as fast as comparable Wi-Fi 5, routers, they offer Wi-FI 6 benefits, including improved coverage and support for larger devices. You don't lose any usability, but four Ethernet ports mean you can still use them. However, WPA3 security support is lost. The Archer AX1500 provides coverage for small- to medium-sized homes and should provide sufficient speeds for most users. You can configure the Archer AX1500 with the TP Link Tether app. Once you have set it up, you will be able to control your network using Amazon Alexa. This allows you to control your network quickly and easily with your voice. You can also set up basic parental controls to limit the time you spend online and block content.

TP-Link Archer AX1500 AX10 Best Wi-Fi router under $100 Get Wi-Fi 6 networking as cheap as possible with the Archer AX1500. There are still four Ethernet ports available and a USB port. Amazon: $70

Walmart: $69

Dell: $80

Source: Samuel Contreras / Android Central

6. Netgear Nighthawk RAX120 High-Capacity Wi Fi 6 Router $389 Amazon This router can handle many full-speed devices with its four streams at 2.4GHz as well as eight streams at 5GHz. Maximum speeds: 4800Mbps @ 5Ghz and 1200Mbps at 2.4Ghz

4800Mbps @ 5Ghz, and 1200Mbps at 2.4Ghz. Top features: Dual-band 12-stream, 4x gigabit Ethernet ports. 1x 5Gbps Ethernet. 2x USB 3.0 ports. Pros: Extremely fast AX6000 speeds

Support 160MHz with 12 streams

Pros: 5Gbps Ethernet port Too expensive for most people. The Netgear Nighthawk 120 doesn't look too extravagant with AX6000 dual band Wi-Fi and a pretty standard Netgear design. This translates to 1200Mbps at the 2.4GHz frequency and 4800Mbps at the 5GHz frequency. Although these numbers don't make this router stand out, 12 streams feed connected devices. The RAX120 can keep up its speed even when there are many connected devices, as most AX6000 routers only have eight streams. Although this is not a necessity for most people, it may be worthwhile for those who have made the move to a wireless home. The Nighthawk RAX120 can also be used for wired connections. You can use the 5Gbps Ethernet port for WAN and LAN to make the most out of a high speed NAS, or, if you are lucky, a highspeed fiber internet connection. Link aggregation can also be used, so older and less expensive NAS devices will connect at speeds greater than 1Gbps. It's easy to set up the Nighthawk RAX120 via the Nighthawk App. Make sure you allow your software to upgrade to the latest version as soon possible. This router can be managed via a web browser that has advanced settings. Netgear's Armor software package is included in the app. This can provide some additional network security, if you are willing to subscribe for a year.

Source: TP Link

7. TP Link Deco X20 Wi-Fi 6 system best value $173 at Amazon. Bottom line: TP Link makes the Deco series of mesh systems that are the most affordable. The Deco X20, for example, delivers AX1800 Wi Fi 6 speeds up to approximately 4,000 sq ft. It has two nodes and allows mesh expansion. Maximum speeds: 1201Mbps @ 5Ghz and 574Mbps at 2.4Ghz

: 1201Mbps @ 5.Ghz, 574Mbps@ 2.4Ghz. Top features: 2x Ethernet ports, compact size, and TP-Link HomeCare Software Pros: Small nodes can be easily concealed

AX1800 is fast enough to handle most uses

TP-Link Deco App is quick and simple

Con: Compact housing Two nodes is enough for most people. Deco X20 features dual-band AX1800 Wi Fi 6 hardware. These speeds are 574Mbps when connected to 2.4GHz, and 1201Mbps when connected to 5GHz. These speeds will not be available as the X20 nodes must share the 5GHz band with the mesh link. In ideal conditions, speeds of 500Mbps or more should still be possible. Two Ethernet ports are located on the Deco X20 nodes' backs. One of the Ethernet ports on the router must be used for connecting the Deco to the modem. One can be used to connect LAN devices, and the other can be used to connect two Decos via Ethernet. This will allow for greater mesh speeds. TP-Link also offers a Deco X60 that has AX3000 speeds. To expand another faster TP Link Deco mesh, you can use the Deco X20 Nodes. TP-Link homecare is one of the best features of the Deco series. The software package includes both parental controls and antivirus protection. Each member of your family can have their own profile with scheduling and content filters. All incoming connections are scanned to identify bad content and blocked if necessary.

TP Link Deco X20 2 Pack Best value mesh Wi Fi 6 system. The TPLink Deco X20 system is a fast, affordable mesh system that supports Wi-FI 6. It also has compatibility with all Deco systems. Amazon: $173

$180 at B&H

$160 at Newegg

Source: Samuel Contreras / Android Central

8. TP Link Archer AX73 A reliable Wi-Fi 6 option for homes that have many devices. $175 on Amazon. Bottom line: The Archer AX73 by TP Link is affordable and fast enough to support the entire family. You also get HomeShied parental controls and security. Maximum speeds: 4804Mbps @ 5Ghz and 574Mbps @ 2.5Ghz

4804Mbps @ 5Ghz and 574Mbps at 2.4Ghz. Top features: Dual-band with 4x Ethernet ports, 1x USB3.0 port, OneMesh expandable. Pros: Fast 5Ghz speeds

Wide 160MHz channel support

HomeShield is included

OneMesh expansion possible Cons: Low 2.4Ghz speeds This translates to 4804Mbps at 5GHz, and 574Mbps for 2.4GHz. It is a better router than the AX6000. It reduces resource allocation to the older 2.4GHz bands, and focuses on 5GHz to deliver top speeds to devices that need them most. The Archer AX73 is affordable and offers high speed connectivity for all connected devices. This device won't work well in homes with many smart home devices, such as security cameras, that use 2.4GHz. There are four gigabit LAN Ethernet ports at the back and one USB 3.0 port on the side. The router's design allows for passive cooling thanks to the ample ventilation at its top. One less point of failure is possible by removing the fan. Link Aggregation can be performed between two Ethernet ports. The router is equipped with TP-Link HomeShield software. HomeShield is not to be confused for HomeCare. It offers many of the same features but simplified to fit into a subscription model. Although the subscription cost is lower than Netgear's, it may not be necessary. You can get basic content filtering in parental controls and security information for free. HomeShield costs $5.99 per month, or $54.99 annually.

TP-Link Archer AX73 A reliable Wi-Fi 6 option for households with many devices. The Archer AX73 router from TP-Link has AX5400 speeds and HomeShield, making it a great choice for families. Amazon: $175

$175 at B&H

Source: Eero

9. Eero 6 Best Wi Fi 6 router for simple setup $90 Amazon Bottom Line: The Eero 6 router is compact and can be easily expanded to create a mesh network. Maximum speeds: 1201Mbps @ 5GHz, 574Mbps at 2.4Ghz

: 1201Mbps @ 5.Ghz, 574Mbps@ 2.4Ghz. Top features: Dual-band coverage of 2,000 sq. ft., 2x Ethernet ports and easy setup. Pros: It can easily be expanded as a mesh with any Eero

Fast enough to support gigabit connections

Eero app allows for a robust setup and management

Great value: Only 2 Ethernet ports

Eero 6 has limited options, but it isn't breaking any speed record at AX1800. However, its dual-band WiFi 6 connection should be able to keep up with a gigabit connection or more than 500Mbps when used in a mesh. Speeds are 1201Mbps for Wi-Fi 6, and 867Mbps for Wi-Fi 5, on the 5GHz band. For a wider range, 574Mbps is also available at 2.4GHz. The router comes with a Zigbee smart hub, which can be used to simplify your home network setup. Eero 6 is small compared to other Wi-Fi 6 routers. This router measures 3.91 inches in width, 3.82 inches deep and 2.42 inches high. It can be concealed easily and will fit into most homes. If you have multiple wired devices, you might need to add a switch as the router only has one Ethernet port. This won't be an issue, however, if all your wireless devices have been switched on. Eero 6 can be used on its own but is best when it's part of a mesh system. All Eeros can be used with any other Eeros. Remember that you need to place the fastest router at your network's core if you add Eeros. The Eero Pro 6 router is currently faster than the Eero Pro 6. The Eero 6 Extension is the best option if you are looking to increase your Eero 6's coverage. Eero's app is what makes it stand out. Although almost every router can be setup with an app, Eero feels the most professional and well-designed, with a wide range of options. It has all the settings that a typical user would need, including port forwarding support and WPA 3 support. There is no web interface so it's not as comprehensive as it could be. Eero Secure, a subscription service offered by Eero, gives you additional security features and network information.

Amazon eero 6 dual band mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router Best Wi-Fi 6 Router for Easy Setup Eero 6 works with all Eero 6 networks. It offers great coverage for small homes and sufficient speed to support most connections. Amazon: $90

Best Buy: $90

$110 Dell

Source: ASUS

10. ASUS ROG Rapture X11000 Wi-Fi 6 router best for gaming $442 Amazon Summary: The ASUS ROG Rapture X11000 is large and impressive. It's also insanely spec’d and just plain outrageous in every way. It's also one of the fastest routers we have ever tested. Maximum speeds: 4800Mbps @ 5Ghz and 1148Mbps @ 2.5Ghz

: 4800Mbps @ 5.Ghz, 1148Mbps@ 2.4Ghz. Top features: Triband, 4x Ethernet ports and 1x USB port. Gaming optimizations, RGB lighting. Pros: The fastest router you can buy

Built-in gaming features

No VPN included. Cons: Large and divisive design. The ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 router from Asus was designed to look like a hardcore router. It delivers on the specs front. The router boasts AX11000 speeds thanks to its 12-stream tri-band setup. It delivers 4804Mbps on 5GHz channels and 1148Mbps at the 2.4GHz. This router can be connected to your fiber internet connection or network via a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port. Eight large antennas ensure that coverage is available even in large homes. AiMesh can be used to expand your network if you require even greater coverage. You can use any Asus router running AiMesh software to extend your coverage area. You can connect your console or gaming computer to the router's four Ethernet ports at the back. This will keep the pings low. Asus' software allows you to easily add game-specific settings like port forwarding and quality of service options. AiProtection also includes Trend Micro antivirus protection. VPN Fusion is an interesting feature that allows you to connect to a VPN almost all the time, but allows for game traffic to pass through to reduce ping times. Also, you get adaptive QoS as well as wtfast software. Gamers are more concerned about ping times than the appearance of their routers. However, Asus has given this router full RGB control and an aggressive angular look. It will look great next to your gaming hardware.

Source: Netgear

11. NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home mesh (RBK752) Wi-Fi 6 mesh router best $345 at Amazon. Bottom line: The Netgear Orbi RBK752 Wi-Fi router delivers high speeds to large homes. Maximum speeds: 1200Mbps @ 5Ghz and 600Mbps @ 2Ghz

1200Mbps @ 5Ghz,600Mbps @ 2.4Ghz. Top features: Triband, 5,000 sq. ft. coverage, dedicated 5Ghz backhaul and 3x + 2x Ethernet ports. Pros: Reliable mesh speeds

Satellite included in the box

Support for Netgear ecosystem

Pros: Excellent value The RBK752 includes one router and one satellite with tri-band AX4200 speeds. Orbi is a bit different than others, using a dedicated 2400Mbps 5GHz Wi Fi band to connect the routers. The remaining bands are a modest 2.4GHz/5GHz pair at 600Mbps and 1200Mbps for devices. The Mesh System can cover up to 5,000 sq. feet and will provide internet access to up 60 devices simultaneously without any slowdown. The satellite has two Ethernet ports, while the primary router has three. This system offers a strong, dedicated backhaul that allows you to connect wired devices to your home or office at lightning speeds. Netgear kept it simple with a 2-tone gray and matte-white housing measuring 7.2 inches in width and 9.1 inches high. Although it is quite large, the housing measures only 2.8 inches deep. This makes it easy to fit on a desk or shelf. Netgear's Orbi App allows easy setup and quick access to software updates. Add satellites quickly and easily. The software can be used to monitor your traffic usage and to control internet access for all connected devices. You can also add BitDefender antivirus protection to your Netgear Armor subscription and additional device control options.

NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home mesh (RBK752) The best Wi-Fi 6 mesh router, the Orbi RBK752 is fast and has a dedicated backhaul. Many Ethernet ports are available for wired devices. Amazon: $345

Best Buy: $450

Dell: $450