Pele celebrates 'great victory' after successful surgery in Brazil

Brazil soccer legend Pele revealed Monday that he had a cancerous tumor removed from his right colon in an operation.
According to the 80-year old football legend, it was a "great win." He spoke about it on social media.

He said that Pele visited the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo last week for routine examinations when the tumor was discovered.

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Pele stated, "I am grateful to God for my feeling well and for Dr. Fabio's and Dr. Miguel taking care of me." "Last Saturday, I had surgery to remove a suspicious colon lesion. The tumor was discovered during the last week's tests.

"Fortunately, I am used to celebrating great wins alongside you. I will go into this match smiling, with lots of optimism, joy, and surrounded by my family and my friends.

The hospital didn't comment on the health status of the male only player to win three World Cups.

Edson Arantes Do Nascimento was admitted to the hospital Tuesday. He is also known worldwide as Pele. His social media accounts were used to denial that he was in poor physical health.

"Guys! I didn't faint, and I'm very healthy. I went to my routine exams which I was unable to do previously due the pandemic. He joked that he wouldn't be playing next Sunday.

Pele has suffered mobility issues since 2012, when he had a failed hip replacement. Pele has had to use wheelchairs and walkers in public. In recent years, he has been admitted to hospital for prostate and kidney procedures.

Pele was the winner of the 1958, 1962, and 1970 World Cups. He is Brazil's all time leading scorer with 77 goals.