Cardi B Gives Birth to Baby No. 2, It's a Boy

Cardi B's baby no. The 2nd edition of Cardi B's baby No. It's finally here!
Cardi gave birth Saturday to her baby at a New York hospital. She shared a photo from the moment she was with Offset at the hospital. So, baby boy! What?

We reported that the surprise announcement was made by Cardi, the rapper of "I Like It", during a performance at June's BET Awards. Cardi performed with Offset and the rest from Migos... wearing a very revealing outfit because you can clearly see her huge baby bump.

Cardi B confirmed the news via Twitter. She also did a photo shoot showing off her baby bump. Cardi B was laying low up until then... and that surprise announcement was the reason.

Cardi and Offset have their second child. Cardi gave birth at 3 years old to Kulture. We met Cardi and Offset after the big announcement at the BET awards and asked them lots of questions about baby No. 2. 2.

Cardi and Offset kept their mouths shut on almost everything... but Kulture was ecstatic about being a big sister.