Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: New Stealth Suit Costume Revealed

This is almost a guarantee for any superhero movie or blockbuster franchise: new movie in series, new costume. We have a look at the suit in action for Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom.


Star Jason Momoa and James Wan, the returning director, revealed the suit adaptation of Aquaman's comics costume. The Stealth suit version will be worn by Arthur in the sequel. It is lighter than the original and features silver armor padding along the thighs and arms.

Wan refers to the suit as Atlantean tech that is based on the [a] cephalopods concealability ability. He also took inspiration from the suit Aquaman wore in comics, the blue camouflage used in Neal Pozner s 1986 miniseries. The torso is an interesting design innovation aside from the coloration. It is chiseled in such a way that Arthurs body is represented, but it is actually a suit of bones stealth abdominals.

Jason Momoa is a great actor. We saw plenty of it in the first movie. But there's something delightfully retro-cheesy and cheesy with the amount of sculpted muscle on the new suit, compared to Arthur's first movies. The darker colors make it feel more like a throwback of superhero movie costuming, with a bit of camp added. Is there going to be a DC 2nd with retro cheese? It's the one that follows up Pitbull's take on Toto.

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are currently due to be released in theaters December 2022.

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