Tottenham v Chelsea: Premier League tie to be first net zero carbon football match

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Spurs have eliminated single-use plastics and carbon dioxide emissions from their stadium. This is around half the amount of carbon dioxide that was in a stadium built 10+ years ago.

Spurs fans will be encouraged to ride their bikes or use public transport to get to the stadium and to eat only vegan food during the Premier League match against Chelsea on 19 September.

It's part of a plan that will make the game the first net zero carbon fixture at elite levels.

Sky is working with the clubs to reduce emissions from the match.

Fans will be encouraged to take positive steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.

Both sets of players will arrive at stadium in coaches powered by biofuel. They will also be able to drink water from more sustainable cartons than plastic bottles.

Fans can also find a wide range of plant-based foods at the stadium's food kiosks.

What does 'net zero' mean?

Fans will be encouraged not to use motor vehicles to get to the match, as West Brom fans set an example in 2014.

Net zero is when all direct emissions related to the match (for instance, employee travel, stadium energy use, food production) are minimized as much as possible. The remainder of the offset is done through natural projects.

You can invest in charities that help clean the oceans or contribute to projects that explore more ways to generate renewable energy.

In 2021, Tottenham was named the Premier League's Greenest Club after topping a table that measured the sustainability of all 20 top-flight teams.

They signed up for the United Nations' Sports for Climate Action Framework, which provides sports organizations with a set of targets to achieve in order to be more sustainable.

Daniel Levy, Chairman of the club, stated that the club was thrilled to be part "this ground-breaking initiative which will demonstrate the importance of our game in addressing the urgent problem of climate change".

The UK government supports the net zero fixture, as it hosts the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November.