'Yoga with Adriene' has a cute new animated series starring our pal Benji

You're likely to be one of the 10.2,000,000 subscribers who regularly show up for Yoga with Adriene. Benji, the embodiment of down dog, is often the star of Yoga with Adriene.
Adriene Mishler is the star of one of the most popular YouTube channels for yoga. She has been practicing for nine years and is often accompanied by Benji, her blue heeler.

Mishler shared a trailer for her new animated series to celebrate her channel's ninth anniversary since its launch in 2012. In an email newsletter, she stated that Benji learned Box Breath as well as Star Pose to help her navigate anxiety after being trapped in the house for too long.

Only paid subscribers to YWA's Find What feels Good online community can access the entire 12-minute episode. The trailer is available for those who are not subscribers. It features an animated version of the yoga instructor and her dog, who have helped many people through difficult times.

Mishler and Jeff Mills wrote the story, and Will Rose animated and designed it. Music by David Hamburger was added.