CM Punk Beats Darby Allin at AEW All Out 2021, Earns Sting's Respect

Photo credit to AEW
Darby Allin was defeated by CM Punk at AEW All Out in Chicago on Sunday, his first match in seven years.

It was a fierce match, with Allin hitting a ring post and then crashing to the ringside.

Allin also flipped the top rope onto Punk

The crowd was clearly excited for the match, and chanted both wrestlers' names during Punk’s debut contest for All Elite Wrestling.

After hitting the GTS, Punk prevailed in the end.

In a gesture of respect, Sting and The Best in The World then shook hands.

They did the exact same thing:

Punk made his long-awaited return in professional wrestling on August 20, when he appeared as a guest on the second episode AEW Rampage. The show was held at Chicago's United Center.

After receiving a standing ovation from the fans, and a touching promo about why he was returning and his experiences, the 42 year-old set All Out a challenge and turned his attention to Allin.

Punk had spoken out about his desire to meet "the best in world" during the weeks before his debut. Most assumed that Allin was referring to former WWE star. As he and Sting saw his debut from the rafters, it turned out that this was true.

Punk challenged the contest, and the contest was officially made for All Out, doubling the pay-per view already huge.

Punk hadn’t wrestled since the 2014 Royal Rumble in WWE. Punk left WWE in the aftermath of issues with the company. It was not clear if he would ever be back to wrestling.

During his hiatus he was involved with several projects including acting in movies, commenting on MMA, and competing in UFC fights.

Punk seemed content in these endeavors. However, there were some signs that his wrestling bug was still alive in 2019, when he signed a deal to work as an analyst for Fox's WWE Backstage.

Although the show was cancelled last year, it allowed him to be back in the world of wrestling by discussing the WWE product with other fans and offering his opinion.

Punk made his first AEW appearance and revealed that he had been in talks with Tony Khan, the company's president, for 18 months. Punk's arrival was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he wanted to return to AEW with his fans.

Punk is back in the spotlight of wrestling and has gotten his AEW career off on a winning note against one of the most prominent stars in the business.

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