Founders Factory and G-Force launch Seed program for climate-focused startups – TechCrunch

The Founders Factory Sustainability seed program is being launched by the UK's tech accelerator Founders Factory. The program was launched in partnership with G-Force, a G is for Green-based company based in Bratislava (Slovakia), and will invest in and accelerate climate-tech startups.
This program invests in entrepreneurs who can reduce the world's greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the transition to a more circular economy. It also creates sustainable housing and manufacturing solutions.

G-Force, a large part of the Program's operation out of Bratislava (Slovakia), will operate it in a hybrid way, combining remote and in-person support. It is envisioned that anyone can apply to the program and participate in eco-tech ventures from anywhere in the world.

G-Force is Founders Factorys' partner in the Sustainability Seed Program. It is being financially supported by a syndicate Central and Eastern European investors, including Boris Zelen, Marian Gazdik (Startup Grind), Peter Klloi, and Mikls Kbor, early-stage investors.

The Startups chosen program will receive a Seed Investment of up to 150,000 and six months of startup support through Founders Factorys team. There will also be introductions to potential partners, investors, customers, and corporates.

Henry Lane Fox, chief executive officer at Founders Factory said that by nurturing the disruptive entrepreneurs who are so adept at creating, we can create a better, sustainable future for everyone. G-Force and Founders Factory have partnered to create the Founders Factory Sustainability Seed Program, a pre/seed program that supports ventures that will make a positive difference in the world.

Marian Gazdik, co-founding Partner of G-Force said: We aim to make G-Force in partnership with Founders Factory Sustainability Seed Program into a world-class Sustainability Innovation Hub, based in central Europe.

Lane-Fox expanded on this idea and said to me: Instead of being tied to one corporate partner (which has been our model so far), we were able to gather angel investors to make this more of an investment play. This is a better approach for this sector. To ensure that they get the most out of the program, we will provide a little more capital to these companies.

Gazdik stated that the program can also take advantage of EU grant programs by being located in the EU, rather than the UK.