Mercedes-Benz has a car that can read your mind

Are you frustrated by having to constantly go through your car's touchscreen menus? Mercedes-Benz has a futuristic solution.
The company presented the Vision AVTR concept vehicle, which was first displayed at CES 2020, Monday at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, Germany.

Mercedes-Benz claims that the car has new tech that allows you to perform certain tasks by simply thinking about them. The car uses visual perception to project light dots on its digital dashboard. A BCI (braincomputer interface) device attached to the back of the head with wearable electrodes, is also included.

The IAA Mobility 2021 exhibition visitors can test the technology by themselves at the Mercedes-Benz booth. Credit: mercedes-benz

After a brief calibration period, the device is able to record and measure brain activity. For example, if the user focuses on a particular light on a dashboard it can detect this and perform a task.

It is hoped that the need to attach electrodes to your back of the head in the future will be gone. Credit: mercedes-benz

This is not a theoretical concept. Visitors to the IAA Mobility 2021 exhibition can test the technology by visiting the Mercedes-Benz booth.

The Vision AVTR is Mercedes-Benz’s most futuristic design. It refers to the movie Avatar in which the protagonists establish a neural connection with the natural world of the moon of Pandora. It has no steering wheel and its back is covered in "bionic flaps" that look like scaly. The wheels can also rotate far enough to allow it to turn sideways.