Afghanistan’s Last Stronghold Of Resistance Reportedly Falls To The Taliban As Group Claims Captures Panjshir

Monday's claim by the Taliban that they have taken control over the northern province Panjshirthe last major resistance group against the Taliban in Afghanistan, was made on Monday. This move brings all provinces under Taliban control only three weeks after the Taliban took control of Kabul following the withdrawal of the U.S. military allied.
Ahmad Massoud's loyal militiamen, son of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud take part in training... [+] exercises in Panjshir, northeastern Afghanistan.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesperson, announced that the Panjshir valley was captured and stated that this victory had lifted Afghanistan from the grip of war.

According to reports, Panjshir residents were reassured by Mujahids that they would not be discriminated against.

The Associated Press reported that all eight districts in the Panjshir Valley were overrun overnight by thousands of Taliban fighters.

Ahmad Massoud (head of the Panjshir-based National Resistance Front) declared on Sunday that his group was willing to stop fighting and continue negotiations against the Taliban, provided they cease their attacks on the region.


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