Blade Director Discusses Not Being Beholden to Canon

None of the Marvel announcements at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019 were as shocking as the news that a new Blade movie would be made starring Mahershala Ali, which Bassam Tariq signed on to a few months later.

The rest of the MCU continued to move along with new cinematic projects such as Shang-Chi, and the upcoming Eternals. These films reinforce the fact that the MCU is a more mysterious, otherworldly, magical place than it was during Phase 4. There has been no news on how Tariqs Blade will fit into the MCU. In a recent interview with The Playlist, the director spoke about his experiences with the project. Although Tariq did not go into detail about the movie's script which was written by Stacy OseiKuffour, he described how Marvels gave the creative team plenty of freedom to create a story that served the story they were telling.

Tariq stated that it isn't as tightly packed as people think it should be. It is quite thrilling, but I believe there is no Blade Canon.

Tariq continued his discussion about Blades comics canon by comparing it to Peter Parker, who, despite appearing in many Marvel properties set across a variety universes, has a well-established lore that most people are familiar with. Blade is a Marvel character who has been in comics since the 1970s. He was also one of the first to be featured in major motion pictures. Tariq pointed out that his name in some comics is Fred H. Blade. The runs didn't last very long but there were some exciting and interesting waves. However, I can tell you that the new movie is character.

Blades has been having a moment between Marvels comics, video games, and the new movie. Blades has played a key role in Marvel's King in Black comics series. This saw Blades become the new sheriff for the vampire nation once known as Chernobyl. Blades is also one of the main characters in 2K Games Midnight Suns. This tactical RPG will be based on a new version of the supernatural heroes from the 90s Midnight Sons comics. Although some may disagree with Tariq's statements, he is right to point out that Blades canon doesn't need to be condensed into one film.

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Blade offers many options. Given how Blade was reintroduced to a new generation of audiences, it will be fascinating to see which elements become the core of the MCU canon. Blade will begin filming in July 2022.

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