Melania Trump is telling friends she has no interest in being first lady again despite her husband's 2024 teases, report says

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CNN reports that Melania Trump has told friends she doesn't want to be first lady again.

Donald Trump teases a possible 2024 run and tells supporters that they will be "very happy".

CNN stated that Melania does not plan to support the campaign.

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CNN sources have confirmed that Melania Trump, former First Lady, is not interested to reclaim the title, despite the fact that her husband has suggested another Trump campaign.

CNN's Kate Bennett stated that Melania Trump, not unlike 2016, has no intention of joining the campaign. "I spoke to people who said she isn't interested in going back to the White House, or being first lady again."

Many of Melania Trump's friends said to the outlet that she doesn't want to return the White House or help her husband run.

Although he teased the possibility repeatedly, Trump said that he will not announce his plans for 2024. However, he did say that his supporters would be "very happy" with this decision.

Melania Trump has been described as "happy" and "relaxed" after her departure from the White House in January. She has not made many public appearances since her exit, unlike her predecessors.

Bennett stated that she has now returned to Mar-a-Lago and is a mother. "We know that she is a very private person, and being in the public eye was not something she wanted to do."

Donald Trump, however, continues to raise funds and hold rallies, despite not yet declaring a 2024 bid.

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