3 Core Principles That I Think Everyone Should Seek in a Boss or Mentor

September 5, 2021, 4 minutes read
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When the pandemic started last year, I immediately alerted my clients to the possibility of a refinance. My client lost his job before Covid was rampant, so he could not save as much money by acting. It is hard to imagine how demoralizing it would be to lose your job and find yourself in a world of economic uncertainty, especially if you're already feeling down.

He called me several weeks ago to inform me that he could refinance. I got more than just a new client. He also reminded me about our long conversation over a year ago, not that I needed to be reminded. After he said that he had lost his job, we moved on to mortgages. I explained to him that it is possible to make a living by working in a job you love and be considered valuable to your employer. I suggested to him that he consider a lower-paying job if there is "potential" with his new employer. Potential was not just a reference to a raise, but three core principles I believe everyone should look for in a mentor or boss: vision, values and voice.


Values are the beliefs and principles that guide a person. It is possible to become wealthy if a person only has one goal: making money. However, it is an indicator of their true motivations. People will compromise their ethics and integrity to make money. This can be evident when confronted with difficult situations at work or in a mishap. A person's values will anchor them and make it easier to do the right thing. When looking for a mentor, advisor, or boss, this is something you should not compromise on.

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Vision is the journey that a person takes. They say that "the journey is where you end up." Rarely will you meet an entrepreneur who claims they have "made it!" They set the goal higher and see what they can achieve. Find out what their current goals and aspirations are before you try to align with them. Ask about their achievements and milestones. Ask about their journey and listen to what they have to say. Their journey shows their dedication to achieving their goals.

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Their "manner of communication" is voice. Many people are excellent at building relationships and great conversationalists. It's important, but it's not what i am referring too. Manner refers to the manner and methods used to guide people and assist them in achieving their goals. This communication style can be seen in the way someone inspires clients and colleagues, and how they encourage others to reach new heights. This is how they make complex ideas or topics seem simple.

My client was encouraged to seek out someone and a place where these three cornerstones were an integral part of his organization. You will be able to do the job if you are successful. Once you have achieved your goal, you can continue working hard and asking for more responsibilities. Your work will show your worth. Your efforts and actions will speak for themselves after a few months. In just 11 months, he went from starting at a lower pay than he earned five years ago to securing a raise of more than $40,000 in his first year.

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