Georgia's JT Daniels, UNC's Sam Howell sign trading card deal

After a thrilling win over No. JT Daniels, Georgia's quarterback, has signed a six figure deal to allow him to use his name and image on trading cards.
Daniels and UNC quarterback Sam Howell joined forces with Super Glow Trading Cards in order to create around two dozen designs for each player.

Each quarterback will receive $100 for each card they sign, as well as a 50% royalty for each one that is sold. According to the agents of the players, the substantial royalty fees are not common in the trading card industry.

Agent Dan Everett from ESM stated that both men have a six-figure guarantee. "If they play well and their teams perform well, this could become a seven-figure opportunity before the end of January."

These cards are priced from $15 up to $1,000, depending on whether they include Daniels' signature or a small portion of his high school jersey. These cards will be the first memorabilia available from college athletes since the NCAA changed its rules to allow them to make money from their names, images, and likenesses while they are in school. Quinn Ewers, a freshman at Ohio State, signed a $1.4 million memorabilia contract for three years. Daniels' Super Glow deal will continue through 2021.

Super Glow will release a set this October featuring 30 athletes, many of which are college players. The deal between the company and Daniels and Howell was made before the start of the season.

Both Daniels and Howell tried to share the opportunities for endorsement with their colleagues. Howell had 10 of his team members participate in a photo shoot with one of his sponsors. After signing the August apparel deal with Rhoback, Daniels made sure that each of his team members received a free piece of clothing. Daniels will give half the proceeds from the trading card deal back to his teammates. Everett stated that all Bulldogs' players will be rewarded with something.

Daniels stated that he understood the importance of my teammates in getting me into this position. Everett provided a statement. "That's why it is so important that half of my earnings from the deal be shared with the guys who got us here," Daniels stated.

In his first game of the season, Daniels rushed for 135 yards. Georgia will host UAB next weekend, before it begins its conference schedule.


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