Fauci says it's likely only Pfizer vaccine will be used at outset of booster campaign

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that the Pfizer vaccine will likely be approved by September 20 for use as a booster.
However, approval for Moderna will most likely follow. This could cause a problem in the White House booster program.

Fauci stated, "We've made it clear from the beginning that we won't do anything unless it receives the FDA regulatory approval."

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is the long-serving director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He stated Sunday that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine would be used as the first shot in the US booster shot effort, which will begin later this month.

In August, the Biden administration announced that it would begin to roll out COVID-19 booster shot to fully vaccinated people on September 20. As Insider reported, the current plan is for booster shots to be offered eight months after an individual has received their last shot. According to Johns Hopkins University, 52% of Americans are fully vaccinated.

Initially, officials stated that they hoped that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines would both be approved by US Food and Drug Administration as booster shots by September 20. Research on a booster shot for people who have received the single-shot Johnson vaccine continued.

"We hoped that we would be able to get both the candidates Moderna and Pfizer products rolled out by week 20." Fauci stated Sunday on CBS News' Face the Nation that it is possible that only one of these products will be available, but the other will most likely follow shortly thereafter."

Face the Nation (@FaceTheNation September 5, 2021

Fauci stated that it was possible the Pfizer vaccine would be approved for booster shots by the US Food and Drug Administration, but not Moderna. This is the White House's target date.

Fauci stated that "we've always said from the beginning, we won't do anything unless it receives the FDA regulatory approval and then the recommendation of the Advisory Committee on Immization Practices."

He stated that Pfizer's data was in order to meet the deadline.

"We hope Moderna will also be able do it so that we could both do it simultaneously. But if not we'll still do it sequentially. The bottom line is that at least a portion of the plan will be implemented. However, ultimately, the whole plan will be.

The US has now reached 39 million coronavirus cases, representing almost 12% of its population, since the outbreak began last year.

Fauci also stated that research was ongoing to determine if an individual who has received either the Moderna or Johnson vaccines could mix-and-match with a Pfizer booster. He said that anyone who has received a Pfizer shot should be given a Pfizer booster. Those who have received Moderna shots should wait until the Moderna booster becomes available.