Mercedes-Benz reveals an electric G-Wagen concept for the future

Mercedes-Benz unveiled an electric concept version its luxury off-roader, G-Wagen. It features glowing accents and some seriously moon-rover-style wheels.
The Concept EQG is the official name of the Mercedes-Benz electric SUV. It was displayed at the 2021 IAA Mobility in Munich. The estimates of range and the battery size or power output of electric motors were not mentioned. The vehicle will be all-wheel-drive and will come with a low and a high gear. These wheels measure 22 inches.

The Concept EQG, however, is closer to a design exercise. It's a first attempt by Mercedes-Benz to modify the G-Class it revealed at the Detroit Auto Show 2018.

However, it is a remarkable first attempt. The EQG is dressed in the same two-tone paint job as Mercedes-Benz's first editions of the electric EQS sedan. It finally looks right.

You can admire it until the production version is released.

When a production EQG arrives, it will join a growing number of electric vehicles capable of handling rough terrain. General Motors has revived the Hummer brand, and will be making two all-electric versions: an SUV and pickup truck. Rivian, an EV startup, is set to launch its first pickup truck. An SUV will follow later in the year. Ford even hinted that it will soon launch an all-electric Bronco SUV.

G-Wagen is a vehicle that has been a status symbol. It can also be used to travel off-road. The production EQG will have all the same features as Mercedes-Benz's most expensive vehicles like the EQS sedan. The electric G-Wagen is a possibility if Mercedes-Benz can offer the EQG the same range and performance as its EQS sedans and EQE sedans.