Lil Uzi Vert Says Forehead Diamond Got Ripped Out by Fans During Rolling Loud

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Lil Uzi Vert claims that the large pink diamond that he had placed in his forehead was lost when he leapt into the Rolling Loud crowd. But thankfully, it wasn't a disaster.

According to the rapper, a $24 MILLION pink gem was embedded in his forehead as a flashy facial implants. He claimed that he had saved for years and wanted it placed there because he was afraid of losing it.

Lil Uzi claims that the implant was not foolproof during his stage dive at Miami's hip-hop festival. His fans tore it out of his forehead.

He didn't sustain any severe facial injuries and now has a barbell in his place. And yes, he still owns the diamond.

Uzi posted a threatening message in February about the implant. He posted a photo showing blood seeping around the diamond, and claimed he would die if the procedure wasn't done properly.

It was actually removed by him this summer. However, he had it reinstalled for Rolling Loud.

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