New published patents show Dyson designs for stair-climbing and drawer-opening robots

New filings reveal that Dyson, a premium vacuum manufacturer, has patent designs for robots that can climb stairs and open drawers. Bloomberg reports that Dysons robot unit is working on a robot that can interact with other appliances. It is not clear if the robot hand, the stair-climbing robotic robot or another product are involved at this time.
Two designs were published in patents in the UK on September 1. A robotic device with tristar wheels and an actuated arm that can climb stairs and clean them (a staircase-climbing vacuum sounds great). And a robot hand, shown in patent applications holding a mug. (It is making me imagine it bringing me coffee at this hour).

There are always caveats to patents. Companies file for many patents that may not result in consumer products. Bloomberg reports that Dyson filed patents for everything from a toothbrush and a headphone/air purifier device.

Dyson did not immediately respond to a Sunday request for comment. Bloomberg was informed by a spokesperson that Dyson files a lot patents and doesn't comment on future technologies.