GOP Rep. Kinzinger Says His Party Shouldn’t Win House Majority If It’s ‘Pushing Lies’

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R.Ill.), expressed concern about the Republican Party winning a congressional majority in 2022 midterms, if it continues its current trajectory. This rare example of a sitting congressman separating from his party over whether it should win elections was Sunday.

UNITED STATES – AUGUST 24, 2018: Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Republican from Illinois) is seen in the Capitol Visitor Center prior to... [+] a briefing of administration leaders about the U.S. withdrawal form Afghanistan on Tuesday August 24, 2021. (Photo by Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images. CQ Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images.

The Key Facts

When Kinzinger was asked by CNN if voters should trust his party with control over Congress, Kinzinger said that they shouldn't if it pushes conspiracy, pushing division, and pushing lies. He also stated that the GOP must embrace truth, have a full reckoning about the Capitol riot, and turn away conspiracy to win that trust. Kinzinger has been at odds with many of his party members over the denial of 2020 election results and downplaying the Capitol riot. This rift was likely exacerbated by Kinzinger's membership on the House Capitol riot select panel, which is likely targeting GOP members. In the interview Kinzinger stated that it was bad politics for Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, to threaten companies who comply with the panel's request to preserve phone records and data from Capitol riot defendants and other people who tried to overturn the election. Kinzinger also criticized members of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus for making similar threats. He called for McCarthy to be removed from the House GOP. Forbes reached out to McCarthys office to get more information.

Big Number

9. This is the total number of members in the Jan. 6 select panel, seven Democrats, Kinzinger, and Rep. Liz Cheney, (R-Wyo). Recently, he was named vice-chair of the panel. McCarthy withdrew five of his appointments to the panel after Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker refused to place two of them on the panel: Reps. Jim Banks and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). Jim Jordan (R–Ohio) and Jim Banks (R-Ind.).


Like Kinzinger and Cheney, Cheney has often fought with fellow House Republicans because of their support for President Donald Trump's policies and disdain for investigations into the Capitol riot. After Trump's July reshuffle, McCarthy claimed that McCarthy lacks the Constitutional commitment required to be speaker.

Important Quote

It is obstruction? It's possible. But I don't know. Kinzinger spoke out about McCarthy, who was accused by an ethics watchdog, of blocking the Capitol riot probe through his threats to telecom firms. He added that this is a very scary place in the world to be if you use your power to achieve what you want.

What to Watch

Freedom Caucus members want McCarthy to vote for a rule that would remove members who are assigned to committees without the approval of GOP leadership. This would eliminate Cheney and Kinzinger from taking their Jan. 6 appointments from Pelosi. McCarthy has not yet indicated whether he will allow a ballot.