Marvel's Midnight Suns Game Looks Like an Avengers Roommate Simulator

You were thrilled last week by the announcement of a tactical role-playing game featuring Marvel's heroes. 2K Games released the first Midnight Suns gameplay trailer. It features an unlikely group of Avengers, X-Men and other heroes against demons...from Hell. Ghost Rider and you share a shared bathroom.


The trailer shows that once your character, which can be customized, is awakened by Marvel's best to stop Lillith, the group moves into the Abbey, a HQ where everyone just... hangs together. Look at the picture above: Doctor Strange is reading a book. Robbie Reyes, the current Ghost Rider, and Nico Minoru, Runaways' sorceress are relaxing at the bar. Captain Marvel checks her phone. Captain Marvel is currently checking her phone to see if Guysa is invading.

I find this amazing. You won't only hear small snippets with your roommates between missions (the other roommates are Iron Man, Wolverine and Doctor Strange), but you will also develop relationships with them throughout the game, which is crucial for improving your moves and powers. Let me just say that I think you should watch it. (Here is a shorter version, if you are short on time)

It sounds amazing to level up with Tony Stark taking walks in your backyard and doing yoga together with Magik. It looks just as thrilling as any action video game. Although I am a little hesitant about how moves and attacks are determined by random cards, the fact that you can make the environment work for your benefit adds an extra layer of tactical gameplay to which I was not expecting. You might be wondering why this game is called Midnight Suns. It's because it is based on an obscure Marvel comic from the 90s in which a group of lesser-known heroes battled Lilith and her army. It's okay.

Midnight Suns will be released next March.

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