Pregnant US woman trapped in Afghanistan says the Taliban are 'hunting Americans'

One of the 100-200 American citizens trapped in Afghanistan is a pregnant Californian.
Voice of America, 25-year-old Nasria said that she was losing faith that she will ever be evacuated.

She also stated to the outlet that militants were "hunting Americans."

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Voice of America was informed by a pregnant American woman who was trapped in Afghanistan that the Taliban were "hunting Americans."

California native Nasria, 25, flew to Afghanistan in June for her family's visit and to marry her Afghan husband.

Nasria couldn't get on an evacuation flight after the Taliban took control of the country.

Despite assurances by the State Department she would be evacuated from the country, Nasria is still stuck there.

"There have been days when I thought to myself, am I going home? Do I think I will end up staying here? Are I going to die here? VOA was informed by her.

VOA reported that although the US has evacuated more than 124,000 Afghan civilians, including 6,000 Americans from Afghanistan, there are still around 100-200 Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

According to Nasria, the Taliban are "hunting Americans" now that the US military has been disbanded.

"Apparently they are going door-to-door now to see if anyone is carrying a blue passport."

There have been reports that Taliban fighters are executing revenge killings against those who worked with foreign forces despite promises of an amnesty.

Nasria spoke of the traumatizing experience of trying and leaving Afghanistan amid chaos at Kabul's airport.

She claimed that she and her husband spent days sleeping in the streets near the airport in the hope of getting on a plane.

Finally, she got in touch the State Department. They told her to meet them at a particular location near the airport. However, despite waiting 12-13 hours with no food or water, no official arrived.

Although Nasria was allowed to enter the airport to board an evacuation flight for her family, Taliban guards stopped her from doing so.

She said that troops were waiting at the gate to allow them to walk, but they were blocked by [Taliban fighters]."

She was able to escape the fighters at one point. She told the outlet that they had started shooting at my leg and asked me to return or they would shoot me.

Nasria claimed that her Afghan husband begged the Taliban for her safety, but she refused.

VOA spokeswoman for her, saying that "my child is going to require a father and I am going to need to have a husband beside me."

According to her, she was unsure if the State Department would allow her to leave despite their assurances.

Although the Pentagon stated that it was "obviously worried" about Americans who have been left behind, they didn't believe the numbers to be large.

John Kirby, Defense Department Press Secretary, stated to CNN that Americans in Afghanistan are at risk from attack by the Taliban or ISIS–K.

Kirby stated that the US government has other tools to aid Americans fleeing that country.