A 22-acre Scottish island is on sale for $70,000, and it's filled with wildlife and completely vacant of people

The Isle of Crn Deas. Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group
The Isle of Crn Deas, on the west coast of Scotland, is available for sale at $68,900

Although the island is not inhabited, it has lots of wildlife including basking sharks and dolphins.

It is located 1.5 miles away from Achiltibuie which has 300 inhabitants.

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The Isle of Crn Deas, located on the west coast of Scotland, is up for sale for $70,000 (50,000).

The island, which covers 22 acres, is uninhabited. It is located 1.5 miles from Achiltibuie, the nearest village. According to the Daily Record, there are approximately 300 people living on the island.

According to a Goldcrest Land & Forestry Group press release, Crn Deas is uninhabited but contains plenty of wildlife including porpoises and whales. According to the press release, Crn Deas has coves and cliffs as well as a shingle beach and surrounding waters that would permit watersports like sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

The shingle beach. The shingle beach.

Insider was told by a spokesperson for Goldcrest that there are no buildings on the island.

They said that it might be possible to construct a small cabin, but this would require planning.

Crn Deas is a part of the Summer Isles. This island group off the west coast got its name because local crofters used to graze their sheep there in summer. Crn Iar, Crn Beag and other islands are also part of this uninhabited group.

According to Goldcrest's website, the island can be reached by boat in 25 minutes from Badentarbat Pier (or Old Dornie Harbour).

Insider was told by Fenning Welstead, founder of Goldcrest that "CrnDeas is very special" and provides the ideal retreat for anyone looking to get away from it all. They can set up their own camping site and enjoy the most stunning surroundings in Scotland.

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