Some Trump Tower tenants didn't pay their rent, including the company behind Ivanka Trump's shoe line, report says

According to a Washington Post report, multiple tenants fell behind on their rent at Trump Tower.
The Trump Organization sued Ivanka Trump's shoe manufacturer earlier this year for $1.5 Million in unpaid rent.

According to The Post, one tenant who pays its bills consistently is a PAC For Donald Trump.

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Marc Fisher Footwear, the ex-manufacturer of Ivanka Trump’s shoe line, was liable for nearly $1.5 Million in unpaid rent at Trump Tower, New York City, according a lawsuit filed earlier this year by the Trump Organization.

Bloomberg first reported the lawsuit in March. It alleges that the company owes rent for a 2015 lease for the entire 21st and part of the 22nd floors at Trump Tower. Marc Fisher was not liable for rent payments since November 1, 2020, according to the suit.

Before Ivanka Trump closed her fashion line in 2018, the shoemaker made Ivanka Trump's shoes.

Washington Post reported Friday that the suit was settled in April, for an undisclosed amount. The report states that the company was not the only tenant who missed rent payments at Manhattan's skyscraper.

The Post reviewed court documents and found that suit maker Marcraft Clothes rented Trump Tower's 18th floor. It owed $644,000 in rent. The company went out of business last year. According to court documents, $198,000 was owed by another company that Kris Jenner once owned.

Grace Panetta, an Insider reporter, reported that Trump Tower experienced financial woes similar to other commercial realty properties in New York City during COVID-19. A decline in foot traffic to Fifth Avenue, a place known for luxury shopping, and low tourism rates played a part.

The Trump Organization's iconic building has had a steady source of income from a Donald Trump political action committee. The Post reported that the PAC paid nearly $40,000 for office space on 15th floor.

According to the outlet, PAC staffers seldom use the space as they work remotely from home or from Trump properties in Florida and New Jersey.

According to Liz Harrington, Trump's spokeswoman Liz Harrington, "We pay market rate for leased offices space used to help President Trump create a financial juggernaut that will help elect America First conservatives to help flip both the House of the Senate to the Republicans during the midterm elections."