Tragic end for 97-year-old NYC woman found dead in Lower East Side home — ‘I killed her!’ shouts niece, 50, as cops take her from scene

Police arrived at the Lower East Side home of a 97-year old woman and found her dead.
After police arrived at the victim's apartment on Columbia St., they discovered the body of the victim around 9:45 a.m. on Friday, Bellevue Hospital was called in to perform a psychiatric evaluation. As of Saturday, no charges had been filed.

Neighbors said that the 50-year old niece howled at police for being responsible for her death. She was led out of the building shouting, "I killed her!" She was my victim!

According to Chris Cardona's grandson, the victim was identified as Antonia Cardona by her family and neighbors. She moved to the city over seven decades ago and loved walking around until her health started to decline.

According to the grandson, who lives in Oklahoma, she is in great health for her age. She was not afraid of anything. Her health has declined over the last few years.

Andrew, his brother, said that family members believed it to be foul play. It's been very difficult.

Authorities said that the elderly woman sustained bruises and a cut to her wrist. However, it was not known what caused her death. An autopsy was planned.

Chris Cardona stated that his grandmother was a loved family member who helped a variety of relatives with their financial problems over the years.

Chris Cardona said that he hoped the police would investigate thoroughly. Although I don't know everything, it was about money.

One neighbor claimed that the senior citizen often argued with family members over unspecified matters.

The neighbor said it was a shame and declined to identify herself. She did not bother anyone.

Chris Cardona stated that a male cousin from New York stopped by to visit the family matriarch almost daily, and the last time he called her was a few days before the body was discovered.

He said that the niece came by often to assist the elderly victim in using the bathroom.

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Neighbors claimed that Antonia used to walk a few blocks every day to get to the 10 a.m. Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows parish.

Another neighbor said that you need to be cautious with your own family. It is sad that someone would take the life of an elderly lady like this.

Chris Cardona stated that it was difficult to express his shock at the death.

He said that pretty much everything. It was sad. Anger at the person, and more anger towards the person who knows it was over money.


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