Elon Musk Reportedly Planning $25,000 Tesla with No Steering Wheel

In theory, the car would be completely autonomous.
Affordable and Autonomous

Tesla CEO and prolific meme-thief Elon Musk reportedly plans to release an autonomous budget Tesla without a steering wheel or pedals.

According to anonymous sources, Musk told employees at a company meeting that he would start commercial production by 2023 of a self-driving car worth $25,000 by 2023. Musk suggested that the new car would not have a steering column, asking: Do you want this car to come with a steering and pedals?

Budget Tesla

Musk revealed that Tesla would release a $25,000 Tesla at its 2020 Battery Day event. Musk claimed that the Tesla's lower price would be due to a more efficient battery.

Last month, rumors began to circulate about Tesla China building a prototype for the budget vehicle. Production is expected to start by the end.



No Wheel, No Problem Well. Some Problems

A Tesla without a steering wheel has become something of a white whale for Musks Captain Ahab. Reports emerged this month that the idea caused tension between Musks Captain Ahab and Teslas engineers.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has expressed overconfidence in Tesla's ability to fully autonomous drive in the past. After a series of terrible accidents involving autonomous Teslas, he admitted that it was harder to build self-driving vehicles than he thought.

Musk is rumored to be releasing a car that's affordable and fully self-driving. It would be wise to not take this news lightly.

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