Biden signs executive order calling for declassification review of 9/11 documents

After nearly 1,800 Americans who were directly affected by the attacks issued statements last week, Biden was not allowed to participate in any memorial events this calendar year, unless he keeps his promise to declassify documents. This is evidence that they believe could show a link between the events and leaders from Saudi Arabia.
The group stated that since the 2004 conclusion of the 9/11 Commission, much evidence from investigations has been found implicating Saudi officials in the support of the attacks. The FBI and Department of Justice have sought to hide this information and keep the American people in the dark about the 9/11 attacks through multiple administrations.

In 2017, thousands of relatives of victims sued Saudi Arabia for complicity. Four U.S. presidents have been forced to disclose more information about possible Saudi involvement. Advocates were furious when William Barr, then-Attorney General, said that the documents should remain classified in order to protect national security. This was just months after President Donald Trump promised to release FBI files.

Biden's decision to release the documents was a turning point in nearly two decades of struggle for families that lost loved ones on September 11, 2001.

Biden stated that his heart is still with the families of 9/11 who are in pain. His Administration will continue to interact respectfully with these members. Their voices and insights are welcome as we chart our way forward.