Top Stories: Last-Minute iPhone 13 Rumors, Apple Announces App Store Changes, and More

The end is near! Apple's annual iPhone event will take place in less than a week. All eyes will be on Apple as it announces its next generation of its most loved product line. We may also get the next-generation Apple Watch, and possibly some new AirPods.
Apple made some other changes this week to its App Store policies to respond to a Japanese inquiry and delayed the rollout of controversial child safety features, which raised privacy concerns. Continue reading for more information about these stories and many others!

iPhone 13 Feature Breakdown: All Rumors Tell Us What We Can Expect

Apple's annual iPhone event will be happening in September, according to the calendar. We've compiled a comprehensive breakdown of the iPhone 13's features and a list of five iPhone 13 rumors that may have been missed.

iPhone 13 Satellite Communication Rumor Disputed

Apple has not yet announced a date for the iPhone event. However, it is safe to assume that Tuesday September 14th will be the date. We expect that Apple Watch Series 7 models, including the Series 7, will be revealed at the same event. More details about what to expect from this device can be found below.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, recently stated that the iPhone 13 would support Low Earth Orbit (LEO), satellite communication. This feature, which he claimed would allow iPhone users make calls and send texts even if Wi-Fi connectivity is not available, has since been refuted by experts.

The Apple Watch Series 7: What Can You Expect?

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg's senior reporter, provided additional details about what satellite capabilities might mean for future iPhones. However, he said that the feature is unlikely this year.

Rumours suggest that the next-generation Apple Watch will arrive in just weeks. It will feature a new design, larger displays, new colors, and much more. The Apple Watch Series 7: Here's what you can expect!

Apple will allow apps like Spotify and Netflix to offer links for account sign ups outside of the App Store

Apple is also said to be developing new features for Apple Watch's health, although most of them are expected to launch by 2022.

Apple announced this week that developers of "reader apps" will be able to provide an in-app link from their website to allow users to create or manage accounts. This will begin in early 2022. Apple's "Reader" app allows users to access content purchased previously or subscription-based content such as digital magazines, newspapers and books.

Apple Delays Implementation of controversial Child Safety Features in an Attempt to Make Improvements

Although the changes are a positive step towards a fair App Store, some developers feel it is not enough.

Apple has announced that it will delay the rollout of its child safety features, which it had announced last month after receiving negative feedback. These features include scanning the iCloud Photos libraries of users for Child Sexual Abuse Material, Communication Safety to warn parents and children when they receive or send explicit photos and expanded CSAM guidance through Siri and Search.

Apple's AR/VR Headset will require a connection to iPhone

Apple said that the delays were due to customer feedback, advocacy and non-profit groups, researchers and other sources.

Apple has been rumored for years to be developing an AR/VR headset. A report this week stated that it would need to be wirelessly connected to an iPhone or other Apple device in order to unlock full functionality, similar to the Apple Watch's early days.

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This report provides new information about the Apple-designed chip as well as other features that we can expect from this headset. It is expected to be launched in 2022, or later.

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