California recall candidate Larry Elder says it could be argued that slave owners were owed reparations after the Civil War

Owens stated that the United States was the first country to abolish slavery in a July episode on Prager University's "The Candace Owens Show".
Larry Elder, her guest, stated that slavery was legal and they had lost their property, so slave owners may be able to receive reparations.

Elder stated that the civil war was prevented by the UK's compensation for slaveowners who lost their property.

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Larry Elder, a Prager University professor, stated that slavery was legal and they were entitled to reparations.

"When people speak about reparations, are they really interested in having that conversation?" Elder stated that slavery was legal, regardless of whether it was recognized or not. "Their legal property was taken from them after Civil War. So you could argue that those who are owed reparations not only include Black people, but also people whose property was taken away after the Civil War.

Elder and Owens began their conversation about reparations when Owens stated that the US was the first country to ban slavery trade.

PolitiFact says that it was the last country to abolish slavery.

Elder stated that the United Kingdom paid compensation to slave owners for the loss of their property. He also said that the "substantial amounts" of money they received from government prevented civil wars from erupting like in the US.

According to the Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery, the British Slave Compensation Commission paid 20 million to slave owners after the passage of the Slavery Abolition Act of1833.


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