Google locks Afghan government email accounts as concerns grow over the Taliban tracking down their enemies, report says

A source said that Google had locked some accounts belonging the Afghanistan government.
There are concerns about the Taliban using email to hunt down people who have opposed them.

Although the Taliban have promised amnesty for all, reports of executions and detentions indicate otherwise.

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A source said that Google had locked some email accounts belonging the Afghanistan government in response to the Taliban takeover.

This report comes amid growing concerns about how the Taliban might seek revenge against those who worked with the US government. The Taliban have promised amnesty for all but ground reports seem to contradict these assurances.

Google stated to Reuters that they did not confirm the locking of certain accounts, but they said they were taking temporary measures to protect relevant accounts while they monitor the situation in Afghanistan.

Insider reached out to Google to provide comment.

The source who informed Reuters about the locked accounts is a former employee of the government. According to him, the Taliban instructed him last month that he should save data stored on the servers of his agency.

He said, "If they do so, then they can get access to data and official communications from the previous ministry leadership," and that he didn't do what was requested and is now hiding.

Last month, The Intercept reported that the Taliban had taken biometrics devices belonging the US military which could be used for identifying Afghans who were working with the US.

Officials told The New York Times that the Taliban took thousands of Afghan government files and payroll records. This could have implicated Afghans who fought against the Taliban.

The Times was told by sources that there were reports of disappearances, detentions, and executions despite the Taliban's assurances. According to a former Afghan official, the Taliban arrived at his home in the middle of the night because he was hiding.

Others have reported that the Taliban are going door to door in search of people who are connected to the West.