A Singapore restaurant with the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world lost its only Michelin star

In 2016, Chan Hon Meng (founder of Hawker Chan) was given a Michelin Star. Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images Zalando
Hawker Chan, who is known for creating the world's most affordable Michelin-starred meals, has been stripped of his star.

The once-famous restaurant was not included in the 2021 food bible's guide released September 1.

The eatery was founded by Chef Chan Hon Meng and is famous for its chicken-rice dishes, which are priced at $2.25

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The 2021 food bible is missing a prominently Singaporean chef who became famous for his ability to serve the world's most affordable Michelin-starred meal at a food stall.

Chan Hon Meng was a Singaporean hawker stall owner who was awarded Michelin stars for his simple but delicious soya chicken, rice and meat meal.

His famous dish of $2.25 (or 3 Singapore dollars) was first served at a food stall in Singapore’s Chinatown Complex Food Centre. According to the website, Chef Meng hails originally from Malaysia. He is known for his motto that good food should be simple and affordable.

However, Michelin's 2021 Singapore food guide no longer mentions Chef Meng nor Hawker Chan. His concept restaurant was founded just three months after his original food stall received its one Michelin star. It can still be found on Michelin's website. The Michelin Bib Gourmand award, which is a value-for-money award that recognizes restaurants that offer a simple style of cooking, has been retained.

In 2009, Chef Meng opened his well-respected hawker food stand. Kyle Malinda-White/picture alliance via Getty Images

It is not known why Hawker Chan isn't Michelin-starred anymore

This could be due to Chef Meng's review of Chef Meng’s menu against the five criteria used by Michelin to determine if a restaurant deserves a star. These criteria, according to the Michelin website, include quality of ingredients, mastery in flavor and cooking techniques and personality of chef, value for money, consistency and consistency between visits.

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Multiple "inspectors" are assigned to carry out assessments. They are required to eat two meals per day, five days a weeks. They maintain their independence by purchasing their own meals. Additionally, they carry out their visits in complete anonymity.

Famous chicken and rice dish by Chef Meng. Kyle Malinda-White/picture alliance via Getty Images

KF Seetoh (a Singaporean food critic) spoke to CNN about how Michelin maintained the prestige of its star system after Hawker Chan's departure from the 2021 guide.

He stated that Michelin had rightly remained true to their guns and preserved the dignity of the stars.

Although there is speculation about whether Chef Meng's food quality has decreased, Katie Warren, Insider journalist, paid a visit at his food stall in March 2021. She praised the "laid back, yet mouthwateringly delicious" meal.

Insider reached Hawker Chan and the Michelin Guide for their responses, but they did not immediately reply to our request.

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