Nintendo is reportedly set to bring Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to Switch Online

According to rumors, Nintendo may finally be ready to bring its storied handheld gaming collection to the Nintendo Switch Game Boy. The Game Boy Color titles and the 100+ NES and SNES games it offers through its Switch Online subscription service will soon join the existing Switch Online library. This is confirmed by Eurogamer and Nintendo Life on Tuesday. This is not a rumor we hear every day.
It is unknown what titles will arrive and I would not expect your favorite titles to be included, especially to begin. Nintendo has been slow to curate its NES and SNES libraries on Switch. Some of the cuts are quite deep and titles such as Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario RPG remain missing two years later.

It makes sense that Nintendo would increase the number of classic games, especially since the Switch is already in its prime and Nintendo is seeing its rivals capitalize on remakes, next-gen patches, and remasters that make older games look better, and give their consoles extra life.

Is this a sign that a Game Boy Classic Edition won't be coming out?

We wondered for a time if Nintendo would keep going down the NES Classic/SNES Classic route and release limited-edition USB versions of its Game Boy and Nintendo 64 with preloaded video games. The Game Boys 30th Anniversary was over without a mini Game Boy. We are now in the middle of a chip shortage. I would love to see more opportunities for new gamers to enjoy old classics. This includes remakes such as Links Awakening, originally on Game Boy Color and Game Boy Color.

We are hoping that Game Boy Advance will be available, too. Metroid Dread fans deserve to enjoy its prequel Metroid Fusion. It also contains some of the most amazing Fire Emblem games ever created. Golden Sun, too. Eurogamer claims that other consoles than Game Boy Color and Game Boy Color are possible.

Nintendo made this amusing statement: We have no news to share on this subject.

What Game Boy Color and Game Boy Game Boy games do you want to add to your shortlist? I'm going to Wario Land, Pokemon Pinball.

Switch Online costs $4 per month, $20 per year or $35 for a family member.