Dyson Patents Robot Vacuum That Can Climb Stairs

My house is too dirty for me to clean. I used to be proud of having the cleanest, most bleached-out house in the neighborhood. The house smelled like Fabuloso. Then I had a baby, and all that went out of the window. Now I am trying to regain my time and build my mechanical keyboards.


It is because of this that I believe that I would be a good candidate for a Dyson robot vacuum which can climb stairs. Bloomberg reports that the vacuum maker has spent 16 years designing a robot vacuum that can clean stairs and also climb stairs. Patents released this week in overseas reveal that the Dyson robot can open and hold cups. It is not known if this project is still being planned or if it is just an idea that has been filed away.

Dyson is often involved in projects that are not within its normal scope. The company is eager to take control of your home, offering everything from hair straighteners to toothbrushes. However, the stair-climbing robotic has not been confirmed as a real product.

Dyson spokesperson told Bloomberg that we file many patents. We don't comment on any future technologies.

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According to the UK patent, Dyson's robot vacuum would not be an anthropomorphic-type robot. The diagrams show it looking more like an old-fashioned vacuum cleaner with extendable arms and wheels. According to the patent filing (PDF Link):

Two sides of a mainframe and an attached frame are equipped with track-laying climbing mechanisms. The bottom plate is placed under the main frame. A baffle is attached to the rear end of this bottom plate in hinged mode. The robot and the stair-climbing device will meet when the robot goes upstairs or down. The baffle is then lowered to the floor. The robot climbs through the baffle to the bottom plate. After that, the baffle rises and blocks the robot. After moving up and down, the baffle is lowered towards the ground. The robot then crawls through it to the floor.


I am not one who advocates for a robot-free future. However, I also want a vacuum that can go up stairs. The patent gives more details about the vacuum's gripping nature. However, it is supposed to be able grab a cup. I would like it to push aside a chair or straighten a carpet. The main problem with robot vacuums currently in use is the fact that they can still get stuck under furniture and on the yarn hairs of beloved dolls left on the floor.


If the robot vacuum is able to go down the steps and into the living area, then turn around and head up the stairs again, all of this would be great. But, it will likely be a while before I have the money to buy such an advanced vacuum. Because it is often cheaper than purchasing a brand new Dyson product, I prefer to purchase Dyson products used or refurbished. We should then be able to tell if the stair-climbing robot is sentient and has overthrown us all.