Gunman holding a baby shoots at three women during road rage clash, Ohio police say

Police say that a man with a gun was holding a baby while he shot at three women in Ohio during a road-rage shooting.
Two women crashed their cars in Cincinnati on Wednesday, creating a bizarre scene. According to police, a 54-year old woman claimed she was involved in a minor collision that did not cause any damage. Words were also exchanged afterwards.

I'm going to go find my man," the 54-year old recalled her telling the other woman, police reported. You better go get yours.

Police said that Ladon Penn, 31, arrived about half an hour later and entered a house before returning with a gun.

Police said that Penn was holding a gun in his right hand and holding his baby with his left arm during an investigation. Another photo shows Penn holding the baby while pointing the gun.

Police said that a 31-year old man was holding a baby and shooting at three women in Cincinnati. Photo courtesy of Cincinnati Police Department.

Penn, 54, is accused of shooting at Penn and the two women she was with. Police said that a bullet struck the arm of Penn, 54 years old, and then ricocheted off it.

At the scene, she was treated for a minor gunshot wound.

Police said that Penn was arrested by officers and that he was soon found with a 9mm pistol after leaving the scene.

Penn was charged with felonious attack, child endangering, and possessing weapons while disabled.

A defendant could be charged in Ohio with possessing weapons under disability if they are a fugitive or convicted in a violent crime, or indictment and convicted in a drug offense, chronic alcoholic, or drug dependent.

Penn was held on $150,000 bail.

The owner claimed that the dog had shot itself in its face, but Ohio police say that this is not what happened.

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