Lyft and Uber will cover legal fees of drivers sued under Texas abortion law

Lyft will pay the legal fees for drivers who are sued by the Texas SB8 abortion law. The company announced this on Friday. This law prevents women from ending a pregnancy before six weeks. This is a period of time before most people even realize they are pregnant. Importantly, SB8 allows private citizens to sue anyone who helps a pregnant woman to circumvent the ban. This includes rideshare drivers, who could face $10,000 fines.
Lyft stated in a blog post that this law violates people's privacy rights, our community guidelines and the spirit of rideshare, as well as our company values. Lyft has created a legal defense fund to cover 100% of legal fees incurred in response to SB8. It also donated $1 million to Planned Parenthood

@logangreen, drivers should not be at risk of getting people to where they want. Team @Uber is also in and will pay legal fees. We appreciate your support. dara khosrowshahi (@dkhos) September 3, 2021