Looks like Netflix's live action One Piece show is actually happening

It appears that Netflix is working on a live-action version for One Piece, after a long wait.
Netflix's "Geeked” Twitter account posted a picture of episode one's script on Friday. It's called Romance Dawn and was written by Matt Owens, as well as showrunner Steven Maeda.

One Piece manga (Japanese comic), is about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who has the superpower to wear a rubberband body. He and his friends are on a quest for One Piece, the most powerful object in the world. It was written by Eiichiro Oda and illustrated by him.

Netflix announced the adaptation in January 2020. But, little has been confirmed that the series would be adapted by Netflix.

Netflix posted the official logo of the show, which we don't yet know much about. However, they did hint that it was filled with easter eggs.

Maeda also wrote about the show after a "long wait." According to the show's slogan, "No matter how difficult or impossible it may be, never lose sight on your goal." It's so appropriate!


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