WhatsApp rolls out new tool to migrate chat history between iOS and Android

WhatsApp announced the news during the launch of Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3 smartphones. While the feature will initially only be available for Samsung phones with Android 10 or higher, it will soon be available on both Android and iOS.
WhatsApp is one the most popular messaging apps, but it lacks the ability to switch platforms. Android users must start from scratch to switch to iOS. WhatsApp has now introduced the ability to transfer chat history from Android to iOS.

The best thing about this is that you can move all of your chat history including videos and photos.

WhatsApp will soon be able to transfer your entire WhatsApp chat history, including voice notes and photos, to another mobile operating system. People will be able switch between platforms and bring their WhatsApp history with a new feature.

This is huge news for WhatsApp. I know many friends who have not switched platforms as it would result in losing all their WhatsApp chat history. WhatsApp for Android uses Google Drive to store data, while iOS uses iCloud. Sandeep Paruchuri, WhatsApp's product manager, stated that WhatsApp has worked with "operating system and device manufacturers" in order to facilitate the transfer.

You own your WhatsApp messages. They are therefore stored on your phone default and are not available in the cloud, like other messaging services. We are excited to offer a secure way for users to transfer their WhatsApp history to other operating systems. This feature has been a top request from users for many years. We worked with device manufacturers and operating system developers to resolve it.

Although there is no timeline, users who want to transfer chats can switch platforms without difficulty.