Christopher Lloyd plays Rick Sanchez in new Rick and Morty promo

Adult Swims Rick and Morty's new promo features Christopher Lloyd as Rick Sanchez. This is a short clip that scratches an old itch for many viewers since the show's origins as a Back to the Future joke.
The 14-second clip shows Lloyd jumping out of a portal into his garage with Jaeden Martell (Knives Out, It), who plays a convincing Morty. Lloyd does his best Han Solo riff, and then adds a Rick Sanchez belch: Morty, we're home.

That's all, except for an aw, jeez, Martell. It is not clear if this clip refers to Lloyd's possible appearance in Sunday's finale of season five, or if it is just another one-off clip that the showrunners have done a lot of over the years. C-132 is the social media account that Adult Swim uses to accompany the clip. This is because it shows how different universes are named. The main storyline of Rick and Morty takes place in universe C-135.

Is that multiversal proximity a sign of anything? Fans will have to wait to see the results on Sunday night. Casting Lloyd in the role of Sanchez as part of an episode would be a great way to close the loop. However, Rick and Morty's creators were not contracted to produce dozens more episodes over the next years. It's a nice nod towards the show's origins and a satisfying promo.