Iraqi Airways’ Gorgeous New Airbus A220

This is one of the coolest Airbus A220 delivery opportunities.
Iraqi Airways currently has five A220s in order

Baghdad-based Iraqi Airways currently has five Airbus A220-300s in order. Deliveries are expected to begin in the next few months (before the end 2021). A few photos of the first A220 in Iraqi Airways livery have been released ahead of delivery.

Below are some photos shared by Airbus and the airline (just to clarify, the engines will not actually be blue but that's just tape that's currently on them).

A220-300 Iraqi Airways

A220-300 Iraqi Airways

A220-300 Iraqi Airways

The order was placed by Iraqi Airways in 2013 when the plane was still called the Bombardier CSeries CS300. Airbus acquired a majority share in the project in 2018. The plane was then rebranded as the Airbus A220-300. After the planes had been in production for almost a decade, we finally saw deliveries.

Iraqi Airways A220-300s will be equipped with 152 seats, 12 business class and 140 economy seats.

Iraqi Airways boasts a very cool fleet

Iraqi Airways owns just over twenty-four planes and is remarkably modern with a fleet that averages less than ten years old.

The narrow body fleet of Iraqi Airways is not very exciting and includes:

Six CRJ900s in all-economy configuration

Three A320s in an all-economy configuration

Two A321s in an all-economy configuration

13 Boeing 737-8800s with both economy and business class onboard

The wide body fleet is what I find more fascinating. The large body fleet of Iraqi Airways includes:

One Airbus A330-200 with both economy and business class, available for purchase

One Boeing 777-200LR with both economy and business class.

Two Boeing 747-400s with both economy and business class, one for Japan Airlines, the other for Malaysia Airlines.

It is interesting to note that most of these planes, with the exception of 747s and A380s, were bought new. This contrasts with neighbor Iran which, due to embargos imposed by Boeing and Airbus, has been known to purchase very old planes.

As an avgeek, I would love to fly Iraqi Airways, connect in Baghdad and fly an itinerary that includes an A220, 777, or 747. What would that look like? It would be awesome!

Iraqi Airways 777-220LR

Iraqi Airways ordered 10 Boeing 787s more than a decade ago. However, I haven't heard much about it in recent years. I'm not sure if this is still happening or what is going on.

Bottom line

Iraqi Airways will soon receive its first five Airbus A220s. Baghdad-based airline is undoubtedly one of the most exotic A220 operators. I cannot wait to see this plane fly. The fleet of Iraqi Airways is impressive. I am tempted to take a trip when international travel becomes easier.

Have you ever flown with Iraqi Airways? Do you find it as fascinating as mine?


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