Twitter's Privacy Feature Plans Include Option to Hide Your Old Tweets

Bloomberg reports that Twitter is developing privacy-related features to give users greater control over their follower lists, and who can see posts and likes.

These plans include the option to archive old tweets to ensure that others can't view them after a certain period of time (e.g. 30, 60, 90, or 90 days or a whole calendar year), and the ability to edit follower list.

Bloomberg reports that the plans are designed to make it easier to interact and share on Twitter. They also relate to "social privacy," which is how Twitter users manage their reputations and identities on the social network.

According to the company, internal research found that most Twitter users don’t understand privacy basics like whether their account’s private or public. This causes them to be less active on the social media network as they don’t know what other people can see about them.

Twitter will begin prompting users to check whether their accounts are private or public starting in September. The privacy team is also looking at other possible changes, including the ability to block followers and hide liked tweets.

Twitter does not have a timeline for many of these changes. While some features, such as the archive option are still in their "concept phase", Twitter plans to allow people to remove followers beginning this month and users to remove themselves from conversations by end of year.