Netflix's Kid-Friendly He-Man Discovers the Power of Grayskull

The first clip of Netflix's He-Man series and the Masters of the Universe series has arrived (as usual, not to be misunderstood with Kevin Smiths recent series Masters of the Universe Revelation, which is middle-aged nerd-targeted series) It looks great! It looks just like many modern cartoons for kids! This is fine too!


If you're a fan of CG-animated children cartoons like Lego Ninjago and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast & Furious Spy Racers and Jurassic Park Camp Cretaceous etc., He-Man or the Masters of the Universe are clearly going for their tone. I would say that it succeeded based on the clip.

Regardless of whether you believe that He-Man or Battle Cats' attempt to be in the middle with all the other series is good, you must admit two things. First, those shows are what kids want in 2021. Second, it doesn't really matter what you think about them unless you're an eight-year-old. In which case, you shouldnt be reading io9. Sometimes we use cusswords.

Ah! It dawned upon me, while watching this clip, that some of these characters I don't know. The obvious characters are Prince Adam and Evil Lyn. But what about the other ones? The girl with the blonde hair and the staff she is holding looks a lot like the one that was included with the original Teela action figures in 1982. I don't know anything about the Evil-Lyn green villain. It's obvious that he is a snake man. This would make me believe he is one of the Snake Men. However, none of these characters are listed on IMDB. RQazz, and General Dolos appear to have been created specifically for this series. I don't know the names of either, so it is presumably one of them.

Overall, He-Man & the Masters of the Universe look like a great thing to let your children eat, and may even inspire them to learn more about the original He-Man. You can then show your children the 1980s He-Man cartoon and they will be begging you to turn it off. It is so poor animating and insultingly stupid for eight-year-olds.

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