Alaska Airlines will give vaccinated employees $200, stops short of company mandate

Alaska Airlines will require employees who are not vaccinated to test for Covid-19 on a regular basis. However, the Seattle-based airline did not mandate vaccines. It said that it was looking into this policy last month.
Alaska announced that employees who provide proof of vaccination before Oct. 15 will be eligible for a $200 bonus. Three quarters of Alaska's approximately 20,000 employees have been vaccinated.

There are many vaccine policies that airlines have for employees. United Airlines will require that all employees in the United States, which number approximately 68,000, be vaccinated before Sept. 27. There are no religious or medical exemptions. Delta Air Lines announced last month that it will impose a $200 surcharge on medical insurance for employees who are not vaccinated in November.

Alaska Airlines stated that it will not pay for employees who have not been vaccinated against Covid exposure. The "vaccine education program" must be attended by unvaccinated employees.

To work for Alaska Airlines or its subsidiary Horizon Air, new hires must have a valid vaccination. This is also required to start work at Delta


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