Bumble, Match Launch Funds To Cover Abortion Costs In Texas

Match and Bumble are two of the most loved dating apps in America. They have started funds to help Texans get abortion services. This is in response to a controversial anti-abortion law. It effectively bans the procedure after six months, long before many realize they're pregnant.

Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder of Bumber and CEO, attends a 2018 company event. Getty Images for Bumble

The Key Facts

In an internal memo, Shar Dubey, CEO of Match Group Inc., informed employees that she had set up a fund to assist workers affected by the new legislation. In a memo first published by Bloomberg, Dubey stated that the fund from Dallas will cover expenses for workers and their dependents traveling out-of-state to get an abortion. Bumble, Austin's most downloaded dating app in America, announced Wednesday that it will launch a fund to help people access Texas abortion services. Bumble stated that it will support Texas' new abortion legislation.


Texas is a state that boasts low taxes and affordability. This has helped attract companies such as Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Tesla and Oracle to open new offices or relocate. Recent polls indicate that Texas could lose skilled workers due to its new restrictions on abortion. A PerryUndem poll this week found that two-thirds (65%) of college-educated workers said they wouldn't take a job in a state which prohibits abortions after six weeks, as Texas does.

Important Quote

I came to America over 25 years ago from India. I am shocked that women's reproductive laws in America are so restrictive, Dubey stated in a memo Thursday. This law is unfair and highly punitive. I hate that our state would make such a big mistake in protecting women's rights.

Important Background

Texas's new abortion legislation was approved by Governor. Greb Abbott signed the Texas new abortion legislation in May. However, it did not go into effect until Wednesday. After signs of a fetal beat are detected by the bill, the law prohibits abortion. These can be detected at six weeks with a vaginal ultrasound. Experts disagree that ultrasounds can detect a heartbeat that early in a pregnancy. They are more likely to detect twitching tissue that will eventually develop into a heart, which is what experts believe will be the case under the new Texas law. Private citizens can sue anyone who helps to procure an abortion in civil courts for as much as $10,000. According to a Guttmacher Institute study, nearly four out of every four women will have an abortion before they turn 45.

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