Patrick Reed 'getting stronger every day,' but feared for his life during bout with pneumonia

ATLANTA -- Patrick Reed stated that he feared his life when he was admitted to Houston for double pneumonia two weeks ago.
Reed stated Thursday that he is "getting more strong every day" after playing his first round of golf in a month at Tour Championship. However, most of his interview was about his health issues during which he was "in darkness."

"For the first couple of days, they kept telling me to text my family a lot, talk to them, because you don't know. This is very troubling. Reed stated that we are not in a favorable spot right now.

"With the way hospitals are now because of COVID-19, and all that's happening, it doesn’t matter what's happening. It's just you and them. So, I sit there and the first two days I was thinking about my children. I won't be able tell them that I love them. I won't be able tell my wife I love her and give a hug to her.

Reed denied that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19. I don't know.

Reed responded, "I clearly got tested when I was going to leave and I tested negative." That's always a positive. But that's always a positive.

Reed stated that he was fully vaccinated, but didn't disclose the date or whether he was.

Reed posted a tweet on Wednesday saying: "Just to answer some queries. My primary diagnosis was bilateral pneumonia. I was vaccinated against COVID-19, so I don't know if I had the delta version. I'm just glad to be here. My lower lobes had been infected by pneumonia. I am so grateful for the care I received.

Reed, who was injured in his ankle and had to withdraw from the Northern Trust tournament, stated that he was admitted to hospital on Thursday, Aug. 19.

He said, "I was there for... It felt like I had been there forever." "I believe I was there for five to six days. It felt like forever, even though I don’t know how long it was.

He said, "It hit me like a brick." "It was like, all of a sudden, I felt okay, and then I felt almost helpless and unable to breathe. It was that fast, and it was so devastating."

Reed stated that playing golf on Thursday was a bonus and there was no disappointment in a 72-hole opening round. He played his first round of golf since Aug. 8's WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational. Because he didn't start practicing until Monday, his doctors wouldn't allow him to fly due to his lung pressure. He was forced to drive 15 hours from Houston to Atlanta to play his first nine holes on Wednesday.

Reed said he wouldn't be here without the Ryder Cup in three week. Reed, who was one of the top American players in his three Ryder Cup appearances is looking for one of Captain Steve Stricker’s at-large picks for next week.

Reed, who is currently ranked 19th worldwide, stated that the biggest thing for him this week was to just see where he is at. "And I know that Ryder Cup will help me get my game to where it needs. As long as my health is good and I feel strong enough to play a few rounds of golf, my game will be there.

It's my third day back on the golf course swinging a club. There will be some rough spots, and there will be some things you don't want to do on the course. The great thing about it is that I feel like I can now play. I feel that I can do the things I was supposed to. It's time to get back the energy and strength.


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